$50k Offered To Arrest Bellagio Robber

The $1.5 million in casino chips stolen at the Bellagio casino recently reads like a Hollywood movie script. It just took a few minutes for a helmeted motorcyclist to stroll into the glamorous Las Vegas Strip resort, wield a firearm and stole chips to the value $25,000 from a craps table before hitting the road again.  Ladies and gentlemen you just been introduced to “Robin Hood”, who offers a handsome amount of cash to someone who has any information relating to this robbery…

The chip stealer claims he is a modern version of the folk hero from Nottingham. Has the Vegas strip got a new hero?

The 14th of December Bellagio robbery ignited an outcry for the high-roller blackjack player who goes by the nickname “Robin Hood 702,” there is a reward of $50,000 offered for the arrest of this casino bandit. The Sun decided not to divulge the Robin Hood 702’s identity. The gambling said it’s best to keep his true name out the loop since he donates cash for a good cause and he helps those in need. Robin Hood’s physical appearance as described by authorities he’s a Caucasian male approximately 5-feet-10-inches tall, weighs 220 pounds, he wears a white motorcycle helmet covered with various stripes and a black jacket, black pants and black gloves, not only the Bellagio has been the victim of his antics but Las Vegas too.

Irrespective of his nameless nature, Robin Hood is familiar with the spotlight. He makes use of his website www.robinhood702.com as a vehicle for people across the globe to make known their pleas for help huge amounts of debt, caused by huge amount of medical bills. Whoever Robin Hood decides to assist gets all their costs paid to Las Vegas and the chance to see him in action winning money at the blackjack tables. Even if he loses, he still settles half their debt. “My aim in this life is to help as many people possible,”

Robin Hood said. “I wish to encourage other well-doers. The previous month he footed the bill for a Thanksgiving dinner for the poor at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and assisted many cancer patients as well. Of course Robin Hood has his share of accomplishes as well; his Maid Marion, who goes by the name of “Lady Greice;” and his sidekick called “Little John,” said he came up with idea for the reward when travelling to Las Vegas a couple of days just after the robbery.

In essence he just wants to do well for the needy in Las Vegas; if Las Vegas suffers his brand of charitable trust suffers too. Will the $50,000 reward aid the investigation?

Lt. Clint Nichols of Metro’s robbery section said that it is indeed a handy amount of cash and is open to Robin Hood donating the reward via the Crime Stoppers tip line.

“The line is secure and if Mr. Robin Hood 702 wants to offer this reward, he can contact us,” Nichols said. “It won’t hurt anybody putting up a reward.”

The Sun asked Robin Hood about collaborating with Crime Stoppers, he seemed cynical and tipsters would be compensated by him without any form of intervention.

Nichols pointed out that authorities have been kept in the loop by a number of tips and along with the Bellagio, they are keeping tabs out for the stolen chips and hopefully it would find its way back to the casino.

“Should the chips show up and I can’t see anybody going to take 50-plus $25,000 chips and trash it,” Nichols said.

The chips still need to appear and officials said that the bandit will find it most difficult to cash it in. Although with the exact safety methods in place redeeming a high-value chip necessitates identification at all casinos.

Anthony Curtis, publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, said the majority of pro gamblers hang onto high-value chips and stash them away as a means not to pay tax on it. Anyone who cashes in high-value chips at the Bellagio will draw unnecessary attention, he said.

“Many $5,000 chips could be found everywhere, especially with those who play poker,” Curtis said.

Robin Hood plays blackjack. The Sun asked him if the beefed up enquiry of high-value chips is the motivation behind the reward. Robin Hood said, “I prefer cash to chips.”

Had the thief decided to use his revolver during the holdup, he said, it would impact negatively on Las Vegas and punters will not feel safe in “Sin City”. Tourism will decline and casinos will lose profits. In other words he won’t be able to concentrate properly on his job.

“Maybe the entire town got off lightly,” he said. “It could have been worse and praise God no lives were lost.” It stands to reason the tourism is absolutely essential to bolster the local economy.

Authorities guess that the thief is ten to one the same person who robbed the Suncoast casino, 9090 Alta Drive, on the 9th of December. A cashier’s cage was stolen and the robber made off with $20,000 in cash. Video footage of both cases was released just after the theft. Gordon Absher, MGM Resorts International vice president of public affairs, refused to talk about the enquiry and if the $50,000 reward would lead to the robber’s arrest. “We believe and have confidence that the Metro Police will apprehend the perpetrator,” Absher said.



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