Betfair Snatches Bwin Party Executive

Betfair aquires Matt Robinson
Betfair acquires Matt Robinson (Above) as emerging markets director.

Matt Robinson’s central marketing director has been made an offer by Betfair he can’t refuse. Robinson’s new position in Betfair will be exchange’s emerging markets director. A position specifically created for the knowledgeable gaming executive.

Robinson, a former employee of PartyGaming, worked for the company for two years. He’ll start his new position effectively in September where he will report to Niall Wass chief commercial officer. In a recent interview, Betfair said that Robinson will spearhead product management, marketing, brand management, sales and various other segments within the company.

Wass had the following to say on Robinson’s appointment: “The role we’ve created for Robinson is indicative of Betfair’s international aspirations. Matt has a pivotal role to play within the commercial function since we aim to expand Betfair into new countries and jurisdictions across the globe.”

Since its flotation on the London stock exchange last November Betfair’s shares dropped by a whopping 50%. The reason for this is because of anti-gambling sentiments in countries such as Greece and Germany, below par product performance and the resignation of numerous senior executives. To compound matters further, its chief executive David Yu decided to throw in the towel as well. Stephen Morana, Betfair CFO, said he is not interested in replacing Yu.

One can only hope that Robinson’s appointment will give the struggling operator a much needed boost. wished Robinson all the best in his new position as Betfair’s exchange emerging markets director.

“We are positive that we’ll maintain the standards that Matt brought to the table. In this day and age it is imperative that one always has a contingency plan,” a representative said in a recent interview. “It pains us to see Matt go, he’s a very competent and highly skilled individual, we wish him the very best in his new endeavour,” he added.

After Yu’s resignation Betfair aims to focus its core business principles such as fixed odds sports products, mobile and to revive its marketing and internet consumer brands. Recently the internet casino also appointed rival Paddy Power’s former advertising agency Big Al’s Creative Emporium (BACE) to implement new and improved marketing strategies.

Key individuals within the gaming industry said that Betfair aims to be known as a gaming business as opposed to a technology business. Yu, Betfair’s outgoing CEO said in June that he’s optimistic that the company’s expansion will continue since it aims to integrate additional fixed odds sports betting products. 

“As it stands 72% of our clients place their bets with us. There are those customers who have multiple accounts and we want them to spend more cash”. Talk about greed, this is most probably one of the main reasons as to why this company is experiencing problems!” Yu said, “Hopefully these new implementations will be up-and-running before this year is out”. Betfair approached a number of undisclosed third parties to help achieve this target date.

In a closing statement Robinson said, “Hopefully all the internal niggles will be sorted soon, our plan to expand our business is now on track, upping the ante on our profits and to deliver sterling service to our shareholders.”



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