Internet Gambling Fastest Growing Sector

Internet gambling is here to stay whether most like it or not. According to New technologies internet casino and internet slots reports indicate that online gaming is by far one of the fastest growing sectors of the gambling industry, it yields approximately $30 billion of the estimated $1 trillion value of the global gambling market.

In recent years the internet gaming sector has seen an exponential growth, since 2008 it increased by 42.5% based on recent research conducted by H2 Gambling Capital, the globe’s premier supplier of data and market intelligence.

Why Virtual Gaming Is On The Up

Between 2009 and 2012 the global gaming market in its entirety has seen a 15% rise. That said, within the same period experts anticipate that the internet gaming market will see an even further growth rate of 38%.

As technology becomes more advanced it will fuel the growth of internet and mobile gambling. Internet casino games and internet slots could now be played on portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones, and the demand for mobile internet casino apps will continue to grow. By 2015 Juniper Research predicts that mobile gaming wagering will exceed $48 billion. The report said: “The market for these services is potentially vast… It is now up to the service providers to seize the opportunity.”

As it is internet gaming is still illegal in many Asian countries, South Africa and the United States, most governments are now thinking of legalizing and regulating it. Many European governments are in the interim of legalizing it, this includes Germany, France and Italy. In 2011 certain forms of internet wagering might be legalized in certain states, since the growth potential for internet gambling in the US is phenomenal.

On the whole the global internet gaming industry’s future looks bright. Broadband access has increased tremendously, 3G and even 4G technology. The growth in mobile gaming platforms heralds an exciting time for the online mobile sector plus the industry as a whole.



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