Gaming of A Different Kind

A gaming company from Nevada named Atlantis Intranet Group Corp (ATIG) recently formed an Intranet gaming partnership with two prominent tribal casinos.

ATIG states that is the first legal Internet gaming of its kind in the United States. Two Native American Tribal Casinos already signed agreements with ATIG. They are Coushatta Indian Casino in Louisiana and Coyote Valley Casino in California. Potentially the Intranet network connects Indian Casinos from 28 American States.

Tribal Casinos Want In On Internet Gambling

Established in 2009 this Intranet network is also known as the Tribal Gaming Network, it received the go-ahead from the National Indian Gaming Commission. Since then ATIG forged close-knit partnerships with some of the premier global gaming vendors to offer Class III, Class II and internet casino games on this network. The Tribal Gaming Network offers various products ranging from table games, slot machines, virtual horse racing, nationwide poker, simulated sports betting and live dealer games. It also offers a Powerball type of Lotto product.

The Tribal Gaming Network is not limited to intranet gambling only, in order to connect to the network players must be physically present in the land casino. Within the casino ATIG’s gaming platform it functions on slot machines, kiosks, Android mobile phones and Samsung Tablets. Some of the games can even be played on iPhones. ATIG says that this is the future of server-based technology, basically it’s a casino within a casino.

Many onlines casinos including Native American Tribal Casinos are bracing themselves for legalized internet gambling since they now offer players play-for-fun or play-for-free sites. In this department ATIG leads the pack. Donald Bailey, President and CEO said that ATIG offered punters play-for-fun sites since 2003. In partnership with the Tribal Gaming Network they now moved to the next stage to legal internet gambling. Real money wagering on all casino games is permitted by the Intranet network except bingo.

When the United States Department of Justice clamped down on the three leading internet poker sites in April 2011, it issued a statement in December 2011 that intrastate internet gambling on all verticals, excluding sports betting is not in contravention of  the Wire Act.

This is why US citizens are exited that online gambling would soon be legalized in the United States. Before the UIGEA became law in 2006, the United States retained an estimated 60% of the global internet gambling market. At this stage only two Tribal Casinos have signed up on the ATIG Intranet platform, taking into account the success of this product so far many across the US will soon follow suit.



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