New Legislation Could Impact British Online Casinos

Internet gambling has been active in the UK  for several years now, it has been decided by the British Gaming Commission to amend its laws pertaining to its gambling legislation in order to make internet gambling more feasible to the general public.

The UK Gaming commission outlines in a document which games casinos can legally offer and this mechanism has been in operation since 2007. Casino games on the official list are only permitted to license holders, however this has caused a couple of concerns of late for various casino operators; since new casino games are introduced on a regular basis and new licenses needs to be taken out for that specific game.

Changes that have been effected of late in internet gambling legislation, in turn has increased the Remote Gaming Tax that is deducted from all U.K. internet gambling operations.  As a result of this new legislation it could impact severely on the UK online gambling Industry as a whole and will encourage operators to apply for licenses elsewhere where the laws are more relaxed and licenses are cheaper to obtain.  The ramifications of this new legislation is the result that some of the UK’s largest online gambling groups have established offices offshore,  where taxes are lower and regulations not as tough.

Why tamper at something when it is clearly working-in essence the bottom line is greed and clearly it’s impractical to remedy the constant need of the Rules of Casino Games for the UK gaming industry.  In a nutshell, when a game’s features offers a slightly difference in rule variations, or with a unique side bet, it won’t be allowed at U.K. internet casinos.  A new mandate will be on the cards if the Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain is discontinued a spokes person said: “licenses must not offer or permit to be played casino games that appear on any list of games prohibited by the Commission.”

The U.K Gambling Commission will be able to determine which games U.K. casinos can offer whilst trying to make the operation more practical and viable for operators.   The UK Gambling Commission will revise the changes in late November and will request further input from internet casino operators operating in the UK.



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