Facebook Not Popular As Online Gambling In UK

The standard has been set by the United Kingdom when it comes to its online gambling industry. Research group Nielson has indicated that during the last couple of years online gambling has proved to be far more popular than social network sites such as Facebook in the UK.

According to Nielsen it indicated that 3.2 million people chose internet gambling the previous year. The popularity of online gambling rose by a staggering 40% during the last year, in addition to the somewhat 2.2 million people who accessed social media sites.

The figures don’t come as a surprise to those who find themselves in the online gambling industry. The United Kingdom is busy cementing its position as one of the leaders in the global online casino industry. The good news is that other countries in Europe are following the UK’s example and the online gambling industry has seen a huge increase in popularity in Europe the last decade thanks to regulated online wagering.

Nielson also points out that online gambling is particularly popular amongst middle aged men, however 46 percent of online gamblers represented woman and it indicates that women are fast catching up with men in this department. Very popular internet gambling games in the UK are Poker and Bingo; poker’s popularity has not only taken the UK by storm but the rest of the world also.

According to Gaming analyst Steve Schwartz: “More people are playing internet poker and it’s fast becoming the most popular game players find themselves playing and has even surpassed the popularity of playing it at land-based casinos”.

The United States is the world’s largest online gambling market; the Gambling Industry is keeping its fingers crossed for online gambling to be legalized by the US Government again. Should the US government revise the gambling laws in the US, many British companies would apply for gambling licenses to operate in the US.

Those who are against any form of online wagering are very concerned, with special reference to the stats that have been released by Nielson. Opposition groups are of the opinion that online gambling sites are way too easy to access and that it might impact negatively especially on children and gambling addicts.

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