Chilligaming Mocks Current U.S Gambling Laws

Online gambling is still being outlawed by the U.S government, in stark contrast to other countries where the billion dollar internet gambling industry is regulated.  As the outlaw of it still rages on, Chilligaming is on the verge of indicating just how preposterous the present US laws are.

ChiliPoker is set to start gaining revenue from US internet poker players sometime in 2011. The site manages as a subscription-based website, in other words poker players will pay a monthly fee, then participate in tournaments where cash and prizes are given out to the winners. This mode of gambling has been tried in the U.S before and it has not been very successful.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 does not ostracise internet gambling.  Importantly no cash would change hands at the poker tables at ChiliPoker in the US, as a result the subscription service appears to be above-board under US law. This is just another good case of how foreign online gambling operators are still cashing- in from US internet gamblers and not having to deal with regulation issues.

Senator Barney Frank has been trying his level best to get the UIGEA annulled. Frank strongly believes that U.S citizens should have the right to decide whether they want to wager at internet casinos from the safety of their homes or not.  He also feels that the internet gambling industry should be regulated by the U.S government in order to protect gamblers from fraud and other ill practices within the industry.

The World Poker Tour launched ClubWPT, a subscription-based internet poker site. The site is said to have well over 16,000 subscriptions.   This very is comparatively low if one has to compare how many U.S citizens are transferring their cash to foreign based internet poker sites. Presently there are still some financial hiccups associated with poker subscription sites that might impact negatively on poker players.

The WPT site is the only poker subscription site that has been successful to date, others have tried and failed. Many internet players enjoy playing in cash games in contrast to tournaments. Those players who invest in cash games will continue to visit sites such as Full Tilt and PokerStars. ChiliPoker feels that their business model will be successful in the U.S.

The current gambling laws have further muddied the internet gambling industry in the U.S, American citizens will strive to find alternative methods to wager at internet casinos. The move instigated by ChiliPoker is yet another reason why Rep. Frank and additional lawmakers want to legalize internet casino gambling in America again-let’s hope it would be much sooner than expected!



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