U.S Lame-Duck Session Kicks-Off

Across the U.S millions of online gamblers are waiting anxiously as events unfold within the next few weeks when lawmakers in Washington will add the finishing touch to U.S laws in 2010. On Monday in congress the lame duck season kicked-off, giving internet poker players a glimmer of hope.

The present laws pertaining to internet gambling in the U.S is chiefly the product of the lame-duck session as far back as 2006.  The Republican majority has implemented the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) following a border protection bill to outlaw internet gambling in America.

Hopefully the Democrats in the House and Senate can turn the tables in favour of internet gambling and Representative Barney Frank’s internet gambling legislation will survive the day.  2011 will start in favour of the Republicans as they gain control of the House.

Assuming no legislation is passed, a bill that will regulate and control internet gambling must be initiated by the new Senate in 2011.  Day one of the lame-duck session saw talks about Washington being more concerned about tax cuts and new leadership positions for the New Year than the legalization of internet casino gambling again.

As the week progresses, those lawmakers on their way out may propagate to push bills that will not be implemented in 2011.  Luckily Rep. Frank is not part of the outgoing group; he has been around long enough to understand the tenor of Washington’s tidal politics.  The downside to the legalisation of internet gambling in the U.S is once the Republicans gain the majority in the House in January the bill will most probably not be implemented.

Frank said in recent months he felt the legislation will not be passed in 2010, however those in power might reconsider.  If Frank can find jobs the bill that will be voted on in the next month, there’s always an outside chance to attach the internet gambling legislation issue.

Internet poker players are set to become the principal losers if the current laws do not change. Internet poker players in their millions have registered player accounts at offshore based gambling operators in turn the U.S government is losing millions of dollars in potential revenue. These internet casinos have not been regulated or licensed by the U.S, therefore U.S citizens will be at their mercy.



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