US Politician Wife Embroiled Illegal Internet Casino

In 2006 representative John Tierney has voted against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement, unfortunately Tierney or his fellow lawmakers could do nothing to halt the bill from being enforced in a laden Republican Congress.

Presently Tierney has been given the cold shoulder by many of the same Republicans that helped create the UIGEA.  Tierney’s wife, Patricia has pleaded guilty on Thursday and admitted to have been involved with an internet gambling casino operator that has been owned and operated by her brother.

In the US the internet casino Industry has always lifted eyebrows, but not many folks believed that politicians would stoop so low in particular where one’s wife was said to be involved with one.   Yet another election campaign is coming to an end in the US and the majority of internet wagerers are wondering if there are still any politicians they can trust.

Barney Frank has really tried his level best for the annulment of the senseless UIGEA in the US for the last couple of years.  So far Rep. Frank has had little success and he’s still struggling to convince his peers to scrap this ill-advised law.  At the end of the day most gamblers are beginning to ponder if it’s really worth the fight at the end of the day, the once “Land of the Free” is becoming more like a police state.

“When the Democrats came in power, US internet gamblers were promised by them that internet gambling would be legalised in the US again; to date absolutely nothing has happened said Warren Malloy.  We are sick and tired of hearing false promises by corrupt politicians who do lip service only, to top it all a Democrat’s wife has been benefitting from illegal internet gambling.”

Patricia’s illegal internet gambling operation was operated from Antigua by brothers-in law Robert and Daniel Eremian, in turn she was also found guilty of evading tax.  According to UD authorities Tierney managed a bank account with well over $7 million in partnership with brothers’ in-law.  The trio’s bank account has been frozen in the mean time and the case is further investigated.

Less than a month away is the mid-term elections and most citizens within the internet gambling fraternity are voicing their doubts and are pessimistic that those in power would revise the UIGEA and allow internet poker in the US again.

Tierney’s involvement in the illegal Internet gambling operation has sent ripples of negativity throughout the casino industry and it further reiterates the fact that lawmakers who are supposed to safeguard the interest of common folk simply cannot be trusted.



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