UFO Sightings Excite Chinese Gamblers

Of late it has become a habit for Chinese gamblers to stop and stare at the night sky over China because of recent UFO sightings over the country.

Superstition in Chinese culture tops the list since the Chinese are notoriously superstitious people by nature.  Whenever Chinese gamblers pay a visit to land-based casinos they have certain rituals they follow. The pray to their ancestors to bring them good luck and fortune and they take lucky charms with them to the casinos they’re about to visit.  Recent UFO sightings are forcing Chinese gamblers to stop and stare:”Maybe this is some sort of portent from the ancestors?”.

“My friend is a steady gambler at Macau and he told me to look at the night sky for these flying disks and it has become a favourite pastime for us,” said Byron Blandt, who’s an American residing in China. “I asked him why and his response to me was that the previous time he gambled at Macau it brought him good fortune and he won $2, 200 after spotting a UFO.”

The Chinese government said that the recent sightings of UFO’s in the country could be ascribed to military manoeuvres above the Chinese night sky.  However, the latest UFO sightings have not been claimed by the government nor have they any explanation for it and informed Chinese citizens to continue with their lives.  Baotou Airport on September 11th had been closed after a UFO was detected on the Air Traffic Management Bureau radar.

The largest gambling high-rollers in the world are from Asia in particular China.  In the past Las Vegas has seen many a Chinese gambler paying homage to the gambling capital of the world and wagering tens of thousands of dollars.

As a result of the latest UFO sightings and the good luck associated with it many Chinese gamblers are opting to stay at home rather and gamble at Macau.  According to the latest research Macau has over taken Las Vegas as the preferred gambling Mecca of the world.  In the meantime Macau is going from strength to strength and gambling revenues are up by 40% in September in comparison to the same period in 2009.



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