Neteller Internet Casino Transaction Update

The premier online casino payment service provider is Neteller.  Customers are updated on a regular basis pertaining to the latest gaming news and payment methods via its website and blog.

In its latest blog Neteller has notified its VIP members that it has improved its service to those members/players who exchange currency in their various internet casino transactions.  This is only applicable to internet wagerers living in Asia or South America gambling at casinos accepting payments in US dollars or Euros.  A transaction fee of 2.95% is normally levied.

Neteller’s VIP members only pay the minimum fee of 1.5%.  Please note, that they were charged the full fee and given a rebate of 1.45% the following month.  VIP members were not liable to pay withdrawal fees when they withdrew their funds from their Neteller e-wallet account. This too had been charged in the mean time and players would be compensated by way of a rebate next month.

Neteller’s new system has decided to do away with rebates and its VIP members will be charged with the correct amount right from the start.  A fee of 1.5% would be paid in the event they enter into foreign exchange transactions and when funds are withdrawn nothing is paid.  The blog stipulates that for foreign exchange and withdrawal transactions from Net+ Point of Sale and ATM transactions, the full amount will still be charged and then followed by a rebate will still be applied.

Netellers customers are reminded that if they want to make use of new rewards system they should become Neteller VIP members.  The new system will apply only to Neteller users who transfer $6,000 to internet merchants every month during a 3 month period.   VIP status members who would like to maintain their status must transfer $3,000 to merchants, such as internet casinos, on a monthly basis for a period of 3 months.

Neteller has been the recipient of numerous awards on a yearly basis for its outstanding products and service.   It has notified its customers that the Net+ Ninja marketing campaign is nominated for the award of the Best Prepaid Marketing Campaign in the Prepaid Awards 2010.   It outlines the positive aspects on how the Ninja protects Net+ users from culprits set to exploit them in the internet payments sector.

Those set to exploit its customers have been identified as the following: the Identity Thief, the Fee Fiend and the Blabbermouth.   The campaign’s punch line features a Ninja and by means of state-of-the-art animated graphics it highlights how Net+ protects its customers from identity theft and safeguards confidential information at very competitive fees.



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