Endemol Enters eGaming Arena

The creators of Big Brother and independent production company Endemol UK has decided to brave the internet gaming industry and to launch their own internet gambling website.

Endemol Games would be responsible for the licensing and monetising aspects as well as its third party entertainment properties in the gaming space and at the helm is newly elected managing director Jurian Van der Meer, formerly Endemol UK’s production head and brand exploitation, in a recent company interview.  In turn, Van der Meer will report to Lucas Church the chief operating officer of Endemol in the UK.

“Endemol UK has cemented its position within egaming industry and the launch of Endemol Games will typify the significant growth potential our business will have within the near future,” said Church. “Jurian has an outstanding track record and has produced the goods in the gaming section so far across all platforms and I am exceedingly happy to have him as part of our team,” he said.

Van der Meer told eGaming Review that in the past Endemol would monetise its products and brands by signing branded deals with operators for its games but that the new division would give it the opportunity to create new products and games using its existing infrastructure, studios and in-house gaming development unit.

“Internet gamblers can choose from our wide selection of casino games and what best suits them and their online gaming strategy.  We will notify our followers within the next couple of weeks of what exactly we have installed for them once we have all systems in place,” van Meer said.

“Exclusive games for selected partners and deals abroad (as well as a joint venture market deal with 888 in Italy) for example The Million Pound Drop with Bet365,” he mentioned.

With regard to our 888 Holdings joint venture in Italy, both parties are waiting eagerly for the go-ahead for cash-based casino and slot games. “We still have a prodigious amount of work behind the scenes and the good news our website is good to go.   The bulk of our revenues, which will include gaming revenues, that will be generated from this deal will go to us,” he said.

Endemol will have a very close knit working relationship with the new division, global operation Endemol Worldwide Brands in distributing UK created gaming properties overseas.  To date; Endemol UK has established a successful relationships with several key players in the egaming sector of which are: William Hill, Betfair and the National Lottery.

The latest successes include the UK’s top featured pub quiz game based on Deal or No Deal and a network of popular betting games based on formats including The Million Pound Drop, Big Brother and the newly launched Deal or No Deal bingo site.

The UK group that has offices in London and Bristol will employ a 1000 people and will constitute part of the Endemol Group forming part of a global network that will operate in 26 countries and five continents.



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