Cyprus Requests Internet Gambling Ban

November has seen the powers that be in Cyprus’ aim to convince the European Commission (EU) to permit them to ratify an internet gambling ban. The government of Cyprus’ reason for the implementation of this ban is to keep criminal behaviour in check.

Portugal has been successful in persuading the EC in banning internet gambling and Cyprus hopes to follow suit. The decision on the Cyprus ban will be made by the European Commission this coming Wednesday. There is also no sign that Cyprus will be approved a pardon whilst handling international trade agreements.

The EU has clearly indicated that a country cannot forbid other member countries from doing business in their respective territories. The EU has various conditions where stopping the business is permitted and internet gambling has been one of those situations in the past. Cyprus is the second country in the EU to use criminal activity as an example to bar internet gambling.

Those in the know think that the EC will rebuff the petition of Cyprus, fearing that other countries might use crime as a way to prohibit gambling sites from other countries from conducting their business. Others feel that if Portugal has successfully defended the ban, why should Cyprus not be given the same ruling?

There is a distinct possibility that the EC could snub Cyprus’ petition and reason.  In the event this happens as with Portugal’s case the procedure might take a number of years. Therefore making it complicated for Cyprus to progress with the ban until a clear-cut resolution has been found.

A number of EU countries have agreed to current trade agreements by opening their internet gambling markets to foreign based operators.  However, foreign operators must still be licensed in other jurisdictions and must submit an application for licenses where they want to conduct their businesses. France, Italy and Spain opened their doors for foreign based online gambling operators.



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