eWalletXpress Exits U.S Market

It is official internet payment service provider eWalletXpress will no longer offer its services to the U.S market. eWalletXpress has joined major international operators such as; Neteller, PayPal and Moneybookers, which no longer operates within the American market as well.

eWalletXpress is a well-known deposit option for U.S players for funding their internet casino and poker accounts. The majority of internet casinos made use of this banking option which catered to U.S based players.  A couple of weeks ago traffic on these sites dropped radically indicating that something was up. eWalletXpress experienced and notified its users that it had technical problems at its web site.  Users were greeted with the following message: “We are experiencing ongoing technical difficulties since we’re upgrading our service.” This was mentioned at gambling forums and taken with a pinch of salt.

It’s difficult to comprehend that eWalletXpress experienced technical problems since their customer service was outstanding.  Many players felt that as a payment option it would have left them high and dry irrespective of top-notch customer service in the past.  Posts started looking for alternative reasons. One post mentioned that legalization and new guideline pertaining to internet wagering within the U.S was unavoidable. As a result of this eWalletXpress chose the safest route possible and decided to exit the U.S market whilst at the same time remaining in the “good books” of regulators.  It was for this very reason Neteller paid a multimillion dollar fine to keep its name intact.

Players knew something was not kosher and eWalletXpress soon publicized the details. The powers that be in the U.S have served the operator with a warrant. “It is our “regret” to notify you that we are no longer able to continue service at this time due to Federal authorization issued to grab hold of our cash,” the statement read by eWalletXpress issued to its U.S clients. Players who still have cash in their accounts will be reimbursed.

eWalletXpress confirmed that cash yet to be paid will be transferred to customers’ checking accounts once all ‘technical issues have been sorted first’. Details still need to be provided relating to the contents of this warrant, the nature of the technical issues or the time period when players will receive outstanding cash due them. eWalletXpress has an excellent reputation and it’s not a question of will we received our funds but when?



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