Breaking News:New Jersey Approves Internet Gambling Bill

Senator Raymond Lesniak’s sponsored internet gambling and sports betting bills have been given the go-ahead by The New Jersey Assembly.  Voters will have to vote for the implementation and legalization of internet gambling in the State on Monday the 13th of December. Hopefully the internet gambling bill would receive the thumbs up from state’s Republican Governor Chris Christie before this year is out.

Both bills will enable New Jersey citizens to wager on the internet, however, a previous revision to consent to international players to wager online has been put on hold for the time being, Lesniak informed the Assembly Regulatory Oversight Committee.

41 Votes is the requisite to carry forward these internet gambling bills, it’s then up to Governor Christie who has 45 days to decide whether or not either bill should be approved into law.  A close source that has some inside information notified eGaming review that after these bills have been promulgated by the committee recently,

“They will enter into discussions with the governor’s people and hopefully persuade them to implement internet gambling in the state. In all probability if internet gambling is regulated and taxed in New Jersey it could become the “Silicon Valley” of online gambling in the U.S,” he said. “As it stands Atlantic City’s gaming industry has gone backwards and we need to do something to revive it to its former glory again.

“We are in high spirits and reasonably self-assured that the internet gambling bills will be voted favourably on Monday and that it would swiftly come into law,” he said.

Bill S-490 relating to internet gambling will authorize Atlantic City’s casinos to present residents from New Jersey with online gambling.  Previously mentioned by Lesniak it’s a potential cash cow that will generate US$35 million in tax revenue, these funds would then be utilised to develop the state’s deteriorating horse tracks.”

Bill ACR-167 proposes the constitutional amendment which will give the legislature the green light according to law permitting gambling at Atlantic City casinos as well as horse racetracks on sports events.



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