Russia Fines Players Gambling Online

The overall ban on gambling is like a “snowball effect” as well as the implementation of a new bill that will fine players wagering at internet casinos in Russia.

The latest news to hit the headlines is that Russia has outlawed internet gambling and it would only be permitted within “special zones”, it still allows sports wagering. Casino industry bosses in Russia are trying to implement a bill that will find a loophole within the current system which will enable card sharps and roulette players to wager online.

Internet Gambling Banned

The bill which has been implemented by United Russia’s Ivan Savvidi pertains to gamblers who wager outside the official zones will face fines ranging from 500 to 2000 roubles, effectively this will outlaw internet gambling in Russia. “In the past those who were responsible for organising gambling events were held accountable, however, as of late gamblers themselves will be held accountable too,” Savvidi mentioned to

In itself online gambling poses a serious threat to minors, this is one of the main reasons why we want to clamp down on internet gambling in its entirety in Russia, says the bill’s explanatory note.

Slots Not Allowed

The second bill aims to highlight certain loopholes within the current system that will stop the illegal use of slot machines use.

“It’s taken me some time to find an appropriate definition for a slot machine, I managed to find it,” Alexander Pochinok the writer of the project member of Federation Council notified “Strictly speaking it constitutes a very important part of my bill.” Hopefully the amendments will be enforced soon; making use of slot machines will then be against the law.

Mixed Response

Tulubayeva is in support of the new fines. “If gamblers are aware that they will be fined wagering at online gambling sites they will wager less.

Samuil Bender who is the deputy executive director of the Russian gambling business expansion organization is not in support of this legislation. “One must determine if players are harmed whilst gambling online, my personal opinion is it insane to punish someone who wants to spend his own money,” he told

Internet users who participated in a recent internet poll banning internet gambling in Russia had mixed feelings.  “Poker is my only source of income,” wrote helcaor on website.

“So what who cares they can ban internet casinos?  People will then spend more time with their families and friends,” said Igor Stravinsky.

Illicit Gambling in Moscow

In July 2009 just after casinos have been outlawed in Russia, the labels of many casinos have simply changed their names, they continued functioning as selected lottery clubs, whilst the amount of computer clubs increased in Moscow from 23 to 98 since they were running and operating casinos online.

The new bill endeavours to address Dimitry Medvedev’s plight to clamp down on illicit casinos in Moscow. On December the 1st 78 pseudo-lottery clubs were closed and 3000 units of computer hardware and furniture were confiscated.

90 Lottery clubs in the area are still in operation of which90 per cent function unlawfully.



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