Full Tilt Show No Date Set Yet

A date for the resumption of filming of the popular poker show "The Poker Lounge" has not yet been set.
Date Not set to Resume Filming The Poker Lounge

The Poker Lounge which is the producer of Full Tilt’s sponsored television show informed Cassaon-casino that no date has been finalised as yet for filming to continue and it awaits feedback from the US-indicted internet poker site.

Subsequent its preliminary delay of filming just after Black Friday on the 15th of April it was expected that Presentable Productions and Full Tilt would return this month to the company’s Cardiff-based studio. Producer Rob Thomas said there might be a hold-up for the scheduling of this year’s World Series of Poker, with Presentable unsure when players will be released by Full Tilt to take part in the show, which would be televised on Channel 4 in July.

“To be honest the present situation makes it rather difficult for us to commence filming, we still await the go-ahead from Full Tilt,” Thomas said.

“When it comes to the actual filming there’s no reason to panic, however, if it’s going to be dragged out for a long time Channel 4 would be compelled to make a decision. The first three episodes have already been filmed, to simplify matters we could resume filming until the World Series of Poker is over.”

When it comes to U.S television companies the effects of Black Friday is huge, Gary Wise explained in his blog in April. Fox Sports already cancelled broadcasts of The Big Game and Million Dollar Challenge, although ESPN aims to double its World Series coverage.

In the meantime, Full Tilt released a statement recently concerning the conversion of tournament tickets to cash, although the site has delayed a further announcement where U.S players’ funds would be returned to them until next week.

The statement issued by a Full Tilt representative to the Two Plus Two poker community, said tournament dollars and tournament tickets “would be changed to real money on a 1:1 basis,” while “All pending rakeback/Cash Back payments will be concluded.”

Details on pending promotions were also provided by the representative; however it stated that for frequent player points a decision must still be reached. Full Tilt must still join Pokerstars in returning US players’ cash, although non-American players are allowed to make withdrawals.

Federal prosecutors in the United States started seizing property connected to the two Black Friday indictees, the likes of Ray Bitar founder of Full Tilt and payment processor Chad Elie according to a Forbes report. In total five properties were seized, Bitar has been connected to four of them and Elie’s wife Destiny Davis owns the fifth.



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