Lucky Draw Promotion At Neteller And Ukash

Neteller ewallet payment solution

Two popular eWallet payment solutions utilised by internet casinos today are Neteller and Ukash. Neteller is an electronic wallet account, as opposed to Ukash which provides prepaid vouchers. As of late, Neteller and Ukash joined forces to further facilitate payments to internet casinos. As it stands they have a joint promotion that will run throughout May. Neteller has e-mailed all its subscribers details of the promotion.

The caption of the e-mail reads as follow, “We realize you love winning cash and we love giving it away, so here’s another chance to win €1,000.” It’s easy to comprehend the gist of the promotion. No registration is needed, players must just deposit cash in their Neteller account. For every €100 deposited throughout May using Ukash, internet casino players will stand a chance of winning the €1,000 prize in the lucky draw. It’s free making deposits with Ukash to Neteller accounts. The e-mail also states, “Go ahead and try it. Every Ukash deposits made between May 1 and May 31 will enhance your chances of winning.”

It’s easy as pie to make deposits to Neteller electronic wallet accounts by using Ukash prepaid vouchers. It’s important that internet casino players follow the following guidelines. First of all players must sign in to their Neteller account. Then they must access the “Deposit” tab and select “Make a deposit” here they’ll see Ukash as one of the options. They must then enter the cash amount they want to deposit and must confirm the deposit amount. Lastly they must provide their Ukash voucher numbers and value to complete the deposit.

Ukash could now be used in 33 European countries, South Africa, South America, Canada and Australia. Players could buy Ukash vouchers in these countries from thousands of retail locations and kiosks. Internet casino players from these countries can log into their Ukash account, provide their address and will be notified where the closest Ukash outlet is where they can purchase prepaid vouchers in lieu for cash. From the payment solutions provider’s website, Ukash vouchers could also be purchased online.

In order to become more competitive Neteller has teamed-up with Moneta, Moneta permits Russian internet casino players to transfer cash to their Neteller accounts without any hiccups. When Russian players log into their Neteller accounts they will note Moneta as an option, all they need to do is to access the “Make a deposit” page. The amount of the deposit must be entered, they will then be taken to the Moneta site in a safe and secure manner to complete the transaction.



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