AIME Stresses Mobile Gambling Importance

AIME on the importance of mobile gaming
The Importance Of Mobile Gaming

AIME (The Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment) has put forward an initiative this week that highlights the importance of mobile devices in the internet casino industry.

A spokesperson for AIME recently said: “Since the inception of smart phones, in conjunction with increased player confidence who make use of mobile phones to wager online, financial transactions have become very popular via these mobile devises.”

“Micro payments done at premium rates enable internet casinos to draw more players, therefore permitting them to sign-up and wager by making use of their mobile devices as they deem fit.

“AIME’s main focus now is to create the best possible rates, which will not only safeguard player interests but will also encourage businesses that serve this sector to invest more funds. “AIME strongly supports this segment of the casino industry and will start a Mobile Gaming Forum soon. The sole aim of this forum will be to assess, promote and to create an environment that will bolster consumer confidence and commerce to thrive.”

To add to this, he said that forum members will consist of some of the biggest and most successful internet casinos, mobile network operators, media and rights owners, mobile wagering and gaming technology providers and consumer-education groups. It would be chaired by Mkodo mobile gambling technology specialist Mark Gibson. Gibson cannot reiterate the importance of the mobile gaming sector enough, and feels that this segment of the gaming industry has massive potential and it’s still in its infancy shoes.

“Juniper Research anticipates that annual wagers on mobile gaming within the next four years could harvest a staggering GBP 30 billion in profits,” Gibson said. “Having a forum through which mobile gambling can act as go-between mobile carriers and discuss growing trends on mobile gaming-related issues and initiatives in effect this will pave the way for the industry’s expansion”.



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