District Columbia Offers Internet Gambling

Internet gambling may soon be available in the District of Columbia
District of Columbia to Legalise Internet Gambling

The District of Columbia (DoC) still awaits government approval for the provision of internet gambling could become the very first state in the United States to legalise and regulate internet gambling to the people living in DC.

In recent developments, internet gambling is now legalized in the District of Columbia according to the latest media releases a Greece based internet casino called Intralot would operate the gaming section and would be available to DC residents only.

Legalization of the casino games put forward have been approved and the move contradicts the 2006 federal law (UIGEA) that banned internet gambling in its entirety. If one could believe the gambling experts, the law had numerous gray areas effectively opening the door for the growth of this multibillion dollar industry.

Councilman for D.C. Michael A. Brown made a rough estimate which indicates that the district stands to earn approximately $13-$14 million through financial year 2014. D.C. hopes to tap into these millions to augment its state’s coffers as well as aiding its social services programs. Brown also had the following to say, “The moment budgets are slashed, you’re looking for alternative options to augment your income and to restore previous budget deficits and that’s what we’re trying to do with the legalisation of internet gambling.”

Internet gambling which received the go-ahead from the government is by all means fantastic news, especially new poker players in D.C. It aims to offer additional casino games that need skill & chance too. It’s up to the lottery officials to decide which casino games would be offered.

One of the standout features of internet poker it enables internet players to deposit money into an eWallet account. Internet poker also permits players to place wagers against other poker players.

“Should it be imposed it will then constitute part of our lottery program and could produce supplementary income for the District of Columbia as we continue to support ourselves,” said Mayor Vincent Gray.



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