EGBA Debunks Gambling Myths

EGBA debunks internet gambling myths
EGBA debunks gambling myths

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) as a charitable gambling organization was introduced to the internet gambling world in 2007.

Its primary objective is to create and nurture an environment within Europe’s gambling community where operators can offer quality service to punters from various European countries.

So far EGBA is not very popular with many European governments, reason being many governments intend to monopolize and control internet gambling with an iron fist and EGBA opposes this. Governments postulate that internet gambling is a social vice that must be kept on a very short leash. To counter these viewpoints, EGBA released a “Myth-busting” page that could be perused on its website debunking many of these common myths.

  • Top of the list against internet gambling is that it exacerbates problem gambling making it easier for persons to place wagers online who can’t afford it.
  • EGBA firstly denied that it made any reference to numerous case studies that indicate that problem gambling remained steady over the last decade at about 1% irrespective of internet gambling’s improvement.
  • EGBA pointed out that licensed internet casinos aggressively promote responsible gambling to players who might be prone to it. Players have various tools at their disposal, such as self check tests, deposit limits, cool off periods and self-barring options. Internet casinos that are reputable form partnerships with problem gambling organizations offering problems gamblers free and immediate support.

Yet another myth instigated by a few governments is that state owned monopoly sites are not only better controlled but are more responsible than private licensed operators by offering players better protection. EGBA with reference to the aforementioned referred to eCOGRA’s research carried out in 2008, it indicated that licensed private internet casinos are better equipped to implement responsible and fair gambling practices.

An additional argument that favour’s state owned monopolies is that they offer a lower payback ratio which discourages excessive wagering and all the more appropriate. EGBA says this is a ploy by state owned monopolies to cover their incompetence. By restricting private internet casinos to offer more lucrative services, governments blatantly state that private internet casinos are “money grabbers”.

If all else fails the ugly head of money laundering is raised. Governments purport that internet gambling operations are more susceptible to terrorist attacks than any other organization and individuals who dodge the tax man transfer thousand of dollars to their casino accounts under the auspices of gambling.

The latter point was used as the main reason why the UIGEA was promulgated in the United States. EGBA said it’s easy to keep track of money trails in the e gambling industry since it’s fully traceable and transparent. All financial transactions are done via very reputable and properly regulated financial institutions. Individuals guilty of money laundering find offline routes more appealing.

EGBA’s myth-busting page on its website also mentions other issues such as fraud, taxation, minors who gamble and the ramifications internet gambling has on land-based casinos.




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