Neteller Upgrades Website

Neteller Updates website
Neteller a top ewallet payment solution

Neteller the world’s leading eWallet payment solution to egaming sites notified its customers a couple of weeks ago that it’s going to revamp its website. The caption of the message read as follow, “We’re busy upgrading our website to make it more convenient for you to get the most out of your Neteller eWallet, Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and all our other services.

Forming part of this new upgrade, Neteller’s sign-in page has a new look and feel to it.”The message also stated clients will from henceforth be able to sign into their Neteller account much easier than before. The new changes are the suggestions of Neteller users.

Clients proposed that Neteller users must be able to review their customer profile and be able to update their information frequently. Ensuring that all client contact details are updated often enabling Neteller to notify internet casino players about any new Neteller promotions, giveaways as well as improvements with regard to services offered.

Neteller’s new website is more spontaneous and user friendly. Just by simplifying the site’s layout it’s now easier to navigate. All the relevant information used by clients is now displayed on the left hand side of the page. Upon signing in clients will be able to see their account balance, user will also note that the tabs system does not feature any more. A new search function is added so that clients can easier find what they’re looking for, it’s never been easier to make deposits at internet casinos using a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard.

It’s more convenient to contact the Neteller support team by filling in an e-mail support form. Neteller says, “It might not be the fastest, but it’s still a reasonably efficient way to alert our support team to your problem/s so they can take care of it for you.” Neteller provides a detailed explanation on how clients can best use the form. It’s important that all the steps are followed to the letter as to avoid any communication problems.

Step number one, “Ask a question” on the support page there’s a link in which users must enter their e-mail address, subject and question. Step number two, the support system will search for the user’s email address. If a user has not made use of the support section before they must create a new contact record. Third step, in the FAQs the support system tries to find a match to the question asked. The user would be directed to the relevant answers to the questions raised. The system sends a client’s question to the support team, a reference number is given to track the query.



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