Facebook Gambling Advertising

It goes without saying that social network sites have taken the world by storm, and Facebook is the biggest social networking platform of them all. Facebook does not charge its users a cent. It derives its income from advertisements. Facebook has fixed guidelines in place stipulating what could be advertised on it and what not.

To maximize its advertising profits going forward, Facebook is now aiming to attract various industries by giving them the opportunity to reach millions of users on Facebook. Hence the reason it announced policy changes for its Advertising Guidelines. As a part of its new directive, Facebook issued advertising permits not only to internet casinos but to land-based casinos too subject to certain constraints. It had eased the prohibitions on contests, sweepstakes and a number of other gambling verticals.

Present changes to the Ad Guidelines are as follow. Since internet gambling is against the law in the United States, according to the federal authorities at least, internet gambling advertisements must be targeted outside the U.S. Ads that promote internet gambling encompass games of skill, lotteries, internet casinos, sports books; bingo or poker will be permitted in specific countries only. Lottery commissions sponsored or licensed by government institutions will be allowed to advertise on Facebook. It’s important that ads must adhere to the various laws in a specific jurisdiction in which they would be released. In addition ads must target users only in the jurisdiction in which internet gambling is permitted.

The same restrictions apply to ads that promote land-based casinos. Ads can be released only in countries where gambling is allowed, must be in compliance with local laws and regulations and must be targeted on patrons who are 18 years and older.

Only through a direct sales partnership with Facebook gambling ads could be purchased, which requires a monthly minimum budget of $30,000. Additional Facebook mechanisms such as the self-serve ads tool or the Ads API can’t be used to buy gambling advertisements.



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