US Online Gambling Looks Promising

Internet gambling looks promising
eGaming regulation and taxation in the US.

Most states in the United States of America are in dire need of some extra cash, hence the reason many officials are having a look at some of the prospects internet gambling might offer.

This past weekend the New York Times published a detailed article on the subject, the good news is that internet gambling is enjoying more media coverage than ever, hopefully it’s a portend of good things to come.

It goes without saying should internet gambling be legalized and properly regulated in the U.S, potentially it could create millions of dollars in revenue and could alleviate the current financial recession in the United States.

The first state to legalize internet gambling was New Jersey; unfortunately it was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie.

Next in line to legalize internet poker is Washington DC, but it experienced a minor setback since a senator recommended a public vote should be included first. More and more states are exploring internet gambling’s feasibility against the backdrop of a declining economy.

The question on everyone’s mind when would it be legalized? The implementation and legalization of internet poker and games of skill looks rosy for many internet casinos. However, the moment revenue starts streaming in from internet poker, some analysts predict that internet casinos will follow suit.

At the end of the day it’s the politicians that have the final say, one can only hope that one or two politicians will throw in a monkey wrench in an overwhelming majority to vote to legalize internet gambling. Some U.S citizens feel that it should top media headlines and should be included in politicians’ speeches when they campaign for re-election.

Presently the U.S is experiencing its worst financial crisis since the great depression. What matters most now is that political agendas should be shoved aside and the best interest of the state and its citizens should top of the list.

It’s time for politicians stop doing lip service and start looking at the bigger picture, legalize internet gambling it’s the right thing to do on condition it is properly regulated.



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