Internet Gambling Is Growing

Online gambling as a business has grown incredibly both in the United States and in various European countries during the last five years. According to The American Gaming Association’s findings, $5.4 billion in revenue was generated by offshore US companies alone and $25.8 billion in 2009 worldwide.

There’s still a lot of power struggle going on in the US with regard to the legalization of sports betting.   A number of laws have been propagated by US lawmakers in favour of internet gambling in the hope of making it legal again.  To date all their efforts have been in vain. The only organizations that benefitted from this legislation is offshore casino vendors and the last few years has seen a significant spike in their gambling revenues.

In the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement (UIGEA) Act of 2006, clause number VIII makes it virtually impossible for cash transferrals from a financial institution in the United States to Internet casino sites be it offshore or local; sites that have been excluded are: fantasy sports, internet lotteries and horse/harness racing.

There are a couple of aspects that are very much in favour of internet casino gambling; players can do it from the comfort of their homes where privacy and security are very good. Internet casinos offer their players “mute” or “ignore” comments where players can avoid any distractions and in turn enhances their concentration levels and chances of winning.

The negative aspect of online gambling is that it also very popular with underage gamblers.  Online casinos must ensure that they have the proper security procedures in place that will prevent underage gambling from taking place.  Procedures that are followed entail the scanning of a clients I.D card and credit card at land-based casinos.  In internet gambling underage gamblers could gain access to a friend or parents credit card and to be honest internet gambling is still pretty much a grey area when it comes to underage gambling. a legally registered sports betting site enables gamblers free internet betting in other words players stand a chance of making cash without putting real cash on the table.  The secret to this website’s success to date is that it is driven predominately by ad campaigns; players can start with a mere ten cents and progress to higher levels.  Once $20 has been reached they can cash out.  Player Jason Motta has won $849.08 and only remained connected for 50.35 percent for all his bets.

As technology advances so will the internet gambling industry, new software packages are introduced to online casinos on a regular basis not only enhancing their security but overall player protection and reliability as well.



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