eGambling Legalization And U.S Elections

It has been rather quiet with regard to the latest news on the regulation and the legalization of Internet gambling in the US. One of the main reasons could be is that the political system is geared toward the upcoming November 2 midterm elections.

Whatever the net result is of these elections, the future on online gambling in the U.S would be decided. Assuming the Democrats manage to win a landslide victory, in all likelihood gambling legalization will press on. If the Republicans manage to win, chances are pretty good that the bills will be placed in the backburner and forgotten.

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is trying to set the standard by means of championing the legalization of internet gambling. PokerPAC, which forms part of its Political Action Committee (PAC), is trying to influence lawmakers to support internet gambling. It has kept record of all the Congressional candidates who is in support of internet gambling partaking in the mid-term elections.

In a joint press release, the chairmen of PokerPAC previous Senator Alfonse D’Amato and former Congressman Toby Moffett, the PPA has outlined the importance of a safe and regulated environment for internet gambling, the good news is that it has found support in the majority of Congressmen. They mentioned that, “2010’s election is very important that the proper candidates are elected who are in favour of supporting the rights of poker players as well as safeguarding the constitutional rights of American customer. PokerPAC feels honoured to back the candidates who are in support of poker players since it’s such a fantastic game.”

PokerPAC said that they base their support on the following criteria: encouraging votes for the assortment of bills in the House and Senate sub committees, co-sponsorship of bills, Congressional letters of support and municipal statements. There are currently 58 names that top the PokerPAC list. The 44 Democrats and just 14 Republicans evidently show that their support is not biased as most people often allege, Republican Peter King a native from New York’s name is also in the list.

Advocates such PPA and iMEGA for internet gambling were not successful in very important cases in the state Supreme Courts. Many feel the only way forward is to impose new legislation. That’s why the PokerPAC is requesting all voters who are in favour for the legalization and control of online gambling in the U.S again to rally behind their candidates on the list and vote for them.

In the event the House of Representatives receives sufficient support, this in turn will make Barney Frank’s job a lot simpler, he might call for a symposium and vote on his bill HR 2267 requesting a rigid framework for gambling online. Those in support of the legalization in America will focuse on the upcoming election on November 2.



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