U.S State Lotteries Tap Into Mobile Gambling

From the looks of it the U.S government is going to have an uphill battle if it wants to curb internet casinos from accepting players in 2011.  Based on the findings conducted by Juniper Research state lotteries will permit mobile applications next year and the mobile gaming industry will boom to a massive $50 billion in revenue within the next few years.

The initial implementation of The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was to prohibit U.S citizens from placing bets at internet casinos; lawmakers are facing a new problem in the likes of technology; since it has been progressing faster than new legislation could be imposed.

Juniper Research’s Windsor Holden, is the person responsible for doing the research on mobile gaming devices and the impact it will have on the U.S gaming industry.  He firmly believes that mobile gaming will be the future of the gaming industry in America and countries like Japan, China and the United Kingdom have players gambling from their mobile phones already.

The major iinternet gambling operators are wide awake and have started with appliance developments for Apple mobile devices. Online gambling sites such as: Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Betfair are setting the benchmark when it comes to internet gambling from mobile devices, those in the know are of the opinion that this mode of internet gambling will outpace other formats of gambling in years to come.

“Your top service providers’ intention is not to supplant the desktop, but it endeavours to improve on their mobile formats in its entirety” said Holden. For instance, players who wager from their mobiles do so in a completely different manner as opposed to players gambling from their desktops, they could be engaged in a variety of activities like having a beer with friends at the local restaurant, watching television etc”.

The cherry on the cake is that the state lottery in the U.S could benefit greatly from mobile gaming devices.  In Holden’s opinion this is the next step up for state lotteries in the U.S, it’s also exempted from the UIGEA, therefore making it a very lucrative profit potential it could tap into.  Many other lotteries providers are in discussion with mobile lottery companies and should be up-and-running in a number of states next year.



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