Illicit Gambling Clamp Down in Asia

Clampdown of illegal internet gambling in Ssia

There have been numerous reports about the crackdown on illicit internet gambling operations from Asian countries like Malaysia and the Philippines of late.

The Star Online of Malaysia reported that the chief assistant commissioner of CID, Zakaria Ahmad stated that 820 people have been arrested and 4,036 computers were confiscated during the course of nine months, this is a significant increase if compared to the 724 people arrested and 2,388 computers confiscated in 2010.

The perpetrators have been brought to book under the Common Gaming House Act 1953 and the Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Enactment 1997. More than half of the people that were taken into custody are repeat offenders. Fifty premises used in illegal internet gambling operations’ electricity is going to be cut off must still be investigated. Cyber cafes are under investigation as well in order to ensure that they are not used as vehicles for internet gambling operations.

To add to the above, Malaysian police Chief Ayub Yaakob informed the New Straits Times that authorities want to take legal action against the players, the owners and the operators of illegal internet gambling dens. He said, “To date we’ve only charged the organizers of the gambling activities and owners of the properties, such as cyber cafes that were utilized for gambling operations. There are provisions in the law to charge those who are caught gambling on machines. We will make these people face the full brunt of the law as well.”

The past weekend also saw the Philippine police conduct raids against illegal gambling establishments. A representative for the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) said that the raids led to 20 arrests involving a Korean Jopok organized crime syndicate operating illegal internet blackjack and baccarat casinos in Pasig City. The police confiscated in the raid six blackjack and baccarat tables, six cartons of playing cards, CCTV video streaming and audio equipment and 18 high-tech computers. An informer said that the illegal operations had a live dealer casino where internet players at far flung locations could see blackjack and baccarat games done by live dealers on their computer screens.

Samuel Pagdilao Jr. CIDG Director said in a news conference that six soldiers of the Dragon Assassins clan of the Korean Jopok and 14 Philippine acquaintances were caught in the act. The king pin of the arrested Koreans has been identified as the 41 year old Lee Dewook. Those arrested refused to reveal any information to the police. People apprehended face charges for violating local anti-illegal gambling laws.



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