Ontario Eyes Online Gambling Regulation

Ontario, Canada to regulate internet gambling
eGaming to be Regulated in Ontario, Canada

In August 2010 Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) publicized that they plan to follow the same route as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec by offering regulated internet gambling to its citizens.

Sports Gaming Limited has been appointed as consultant by OLG to assist and advise OLG in the start-up phase. It aims to deliver an efficient internet casino that will meet Ontarians’ expectations and requirements and at the same token also enhance the province’s revenue. OLG hopes that Ontario will have regulated internet gambling running by next year.

In the best interest of the public OLG identified five key areas that will form the basis of its internet gambling undertaking. Top of the list is to promote responsible gambling, thwart minors from gambling, safeguard a player’s private data, guarantee the honesty of casino games, detect and weed-out all forms of money laundering and various other criminal activities. OLG in consultation with Sports Gaming also approached other agencies that will aid it to meet the said objectives without compromising the public’s principles.

In order to acquire the necessary information Sports Gaming and OLG identified three mechanisms. The first mechanism would be known as Expert Roundtables, information and advice would be sought from local and foreign experts with regard to responsible gambling, the protection of a player’s private information and to prevent fraudulent activities. The main aim here is to implement stern measures based on the experiences that have been gained from foreign operators.

The second mechanism aims to forge a strong relationship with its public sector partners. Organizations earmarked are the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the Inter provincial Lottery Corporation and Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada. The third mechanism will involve the business sector by means of an above board tender process that will make use of skilled vendors. The OLG already proposed this initiative in November 15, 2010, when it requested information from the appropriate vendors. OLG will now instigate a Request for Proposals, and members of the public will be able to view it.

OLG’s statement read as follow, “Between now and 2012 when the program kicks off, OLG will launch an investigation that would analyse the most convenient practices and security procedures utilized in other jurisdictions across Canada and in Europe. OLG will impose a competent responsible gambling program and ensure proper player protection measures, ironclad transactions and data privacy.” The statement also pointed out that Canadians wager approximately $1 billion per year at internet casinos that have not been authorized in Ontario. Out of the $1 billion wagered, Ontarians spent an estimated $400 million.



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