Ira Rubin Black Friday Indictee Denied Bail

Ira Rubin Denied Ball
Black Friday Indictee, Ira Rubin, Denied Bail.

Ira Rubin, who helped PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker evade U.S internet gambling laws by using third party financial processors was denied bail by a Manhattan judge who termed him a “flight risk”.

Upon his arrest in April, he has been charged with conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud. In the meantime Rubin asked to be granted US$300,000 bail and requested to live with his parents in Florida while waiting to be sentenced.

“There are many reasons why I’m not prepared to let the defendant go free at this stage. I’m compelled to detain the defendant,” US Magistrate Judge James L Cott notified Cassaon-casino recently in an interview. According to Federal prosecutors Rubin was named on April 15th in the federal indictment; he tried to avoid the Feds by chartering a plane from Costa Rica to Guatemala in an attempt to make good his escape to Thailand.

Arlo Devlin-Brown U.S Assistant attorney notified the magistrate judge that 53-year-old U.S resident Rubin also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest since he disrespected court charges; in 2008 the moment he was served with civil charges he escaped to Costa Rica from Florida relating to a telemarketing scam. “He’s most definitely a flight risk he did it once and he can do it again,” Devlin-Brown said.

In addition to the above Devlin-Brown also pointed out that Rubin’s criminal record dates as far back as the “1970s”, he’s guilty of 24 different crimes at least. There are also outstanding warrants and criminal cases in Massachusetts, Nevada, Missouri, Florida, New York and Virginia for Rubin’s arrest, the federal prosecutor said.

Rubin’s attorney Stuart Meissner informed the court he was under the impression that his transgressions were pre-1995 and a “thing of the past”. Cot’s response to this was: “It’s old, but it’s long,” according to Bloomberg.

Meissner on the other hand also told the court the evidence against his client, “regardless of what the government says”; we intended to fight these charges. Rubin’s attorney also cited the prosecution’s dependence on “jailhouse informants”. Meissner said he’ll consult with his client concerning a possible bail application before US District Judge Lewis Kaplan, presiding over the main case, US v Tzvetkoff et al.

The April 15th indictment accuses internet poker sites such as PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker via third-party payment processors which included Rubin, who deceitfully arranged for “the funds received by U.S-based players to be masked as payments to hundreds of fictional online merchants allegedly selling goods such as jewellery and golf balls.” Rubin created shell companies that included a bogus electronics business and golf store, said Devlin-Brown.

Bradley Franzen another person accused last month in the indictments of acting as a payment processing go-between in the United States for the poker internet casinos said he is guilty of bank fraud, money laundering and running an unlawful gambling site.



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