Lotteries Cause Headache In New Zealand

Headaches for new zealand lottery
At this stage internet gambling is not regulated nor legalized in New Zealand.

Current news with regard to New Zealand’s internet gambling scene suggests that it’s playing out in the same manner as in most unregulated markets.

At this stage internet gambling is not regulated nor legalized in New Zealand, neither are there any plans to regulate it soon. The government is aware that players based in New Zealand wager at foreign-based internet casinos, and some internet casinos like Royal Vegas internet casino that permit wagers in New Zealand dollars.

Hitherto its national lottery said it aims to beef-up it sales by using the Internet as a launching pad to sell its main products. Based on a report from TVNZ, the national Lottery Commission issued a statement outlining its intentions for the next two financial years. It aims to sell lotto tickets in supermarkets and to produce Instant Kiwi ‘scratchies’ that could be purchased via the Internet. At present tickets could be purchased at various retail outlets. In 2009 Instant Kiwi celebrated 20 years and since then it experienced a surge in its business ventures. A recent survey indicated that New Zealanders purchase 900,000 Instant Kiwi scratchies every week which pays out roughly $1 million. It appears that the sole objective of the Lottery Commission is to entice New Zealanders to spend more time and cash on gambling.

Cassaon-casino learned that the Problem Gambling Foundation retaliated upon hearing this news. In an interview TV ONE’s Breakfast This Morning, the Foundation’s representative Graham Aitken expressed his concerns. He said, “People go online and they have immediate access to these goods and services, in turn they start losing their rationality as well as copious amounts of cash.” Aitken also said that five years ago approximately 40 people reported problem gambling issues; presently this figure has gone up to more than 200. With Instant Kiwi going online it would only exacerbate problem gambling issues.

By acknowledging the popularity of Instant Kiwi, Aitken consented to the fact that Lotto is normally risk-free to its mainstream citizens. He said the problem starts when internet gambling is brought into the equation. “It’s difficult to gauge at this stage whether it’s going to mushroom and spiral out of control. We are aware that it has already started, however we don’t know how far it’s going to go,” he said. Based on the Department of Internal Affairs and Health Sponsorship Council findings 71% of Lotto players reside in poor neighbourhoods and 13% of the proponents admitted that they spend more cash on the Lotto than they intended.

Chief executive of NZ Lotteries Todd McLeay disregarded the news; he said no plan is in the pipeline to introduce scratchies online. He said that government must first give their approval before it could be implemented. In addition he added that online products must adhere to the highest of standards in terms of social responsibility. On the other hand Aitken is not falling for this story. He says the mere fact that the proposal appears in the Lottery Commission’s statement of intent must mean something.



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