Microgaming QuickFire Signs Red Star

Microgaming Quickfire signs Red Star Internet casino.
Red Star

One can only applaud QuickFire if one looks at the way it’s been accumulating new business partners and casino games of late. 

From its headquarters in the Isle of Man it released a statement that it signed an agreement to be Red Star Casino’s gaming software provider. Red Star Casino is the internet casino gaming service of the Red Star Poker portal. It services both English and Russian punters and runs on a multi-lingual platform.

Maxim Brovko, the Director of Operations at Red Star internet casino said the reason why we’ve partnered with QuickFire is that we want to be one of the leading internet casinos. We were in pursuit of a software solution that offered minimum downtime, and at the same token offered appealing branding opportunities.

QuickFire fit the bill perfectly; in the end it was an easy decision to us and it leads the pack when it comes to quality and service. Brovko added, “We are also excited at the prospect of offering our players Microgaming’s licensed games such as Hellboy and Tomb Raider and are sure they will prove very popular.” The full gamut of all Microgaming games on the QuickFire platform could now be played at Red Star Casino.

QuickFire’s representative Ashley Sandyford-Sykes said that he is delighted that Red Star Casino is now on board. He is absolutely certain that punters who wager at Red Star will enjoy the quality of the QuickFire software and Microgaming’s ground-breaking titles. Sandyford-Sykes said, “Red Star was also interested in mobile and Live Dealer solutions and QuickFire’s offering gives them the flexibility required to meet this interest in the future. In a competitive internet gambling environment flexibility and service is key, fused with Microgaming’s reputation that sets QuickFire, apart from other gaming software providers and helps us to retain our position as a true market leader.”

Multi-Player Roulette is the latest casino game release by QuickFire. In a series of community based games this is the first, ultimately taking social gaming to the next level, the press release from QuickFire said. Multi-Player Roulette, is based on one of Microgaming’s top titles Premier Roulette, enabling punters to place their bets on the table together with four other punters.

The game has three different tables based on the time between the spins of the roulette wheel, which constitute 20, 40 and 60 seconds tables. QuickFire saw the opportunity in the community style games and exploited it perfectly. Multi-Player Roulette will add a touch of sophistication to the QuickFire assortment. At this stage Multi-Player Roulette will not be offered to all QuickFire internet casinos. Bet3000 the sports betting internet casino is the first to launch this game. Later this year all QuickFire internet casinos will have Multi-Player Roulette in their lineup.



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