Moneybookers Changes Name To Skrill

In the online gambling industry Moneybookers is hailed by many as one of the premier electronic payment solutions. The e-wallet recently changed its name to Skrill because of re-branding. The name Skrill sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.  Moneybookers took a holistic approach and decided the time was ripe for a “new look”.

The name Skrill is a vernacular word for money, cash or “dough”. In essence one must not be mislead by the name, on the contrary Skrill endeavours to be a secure and inventive way for internet gamblers to register accounts at internet casinos. The idea is to give players more freedom, alternatives, dependability, expediency and composure. As always there is still a lot to be done before the implementation of Skrill. The changeover Moneybookers scheduled for Skrill will only be effected at the end of 2011. The first to upgrade to Skrill would be Moneybookers current customers when it goes live.

As described by Moneybookers, Skrill will offer its clients some very competitive payment services; clients will be able to wire cash to anyone without disclosing their financial particulars.  Card numbers won’t have to be entered constantly, expiry dates and other incessant particulars. A client’s private information would be safeguarded by Skrill without divulging it to any third party.  Skrill will function on the basis that one quantity does not fit all. More than just a collection of goods will be presented. Certain universal aspects have to be born in mind and have to be integrated into its services in order to be a competitive internet payment solution to its clients.  In order to make it an effective e-wallet payment solution, Skrill must offer its clients the following: full technical support, established anti-fraud methods and a trustworthy client service. Just like Moneybookers, Skrill will be safeguarded by United Kingdom and European Union law and would be controlled by the Financial Services Authority.

In an interview with eGaming review, Moneybookers’ head of marketing and public relations, Juian Artope talked about its re-branding. He said, “It was about time we started thinking about a name that would better suit our business and distinguish us in a very jam-packed industry, hence the reason we chose Skrill. For practical reasons the name sounds good, worldwide it translates well and it’s simple to make use of. We conducted an in depth survey and the feedback we’ve received from clients and merchants alike has been very positive to date.” The re-branding is conducted under the supervision of the well-known group The Brand Union, previous clients of this group included the likes of Audi, Vodafone, Barclays, the Premier League and Unilever.

Co-CEO of the new Skrill Holdings, Martin Ott feels that there is a hype that will surround Skrill, much in the same sense as “Google” or even “Skype”.



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