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Playtech will launch cowboys and aliens in 2012
Playtech plans to launch the Cowboys & Aliens internet slot in the summer of 2012.

Playtech is now the cyber gaming world’s leading producer of Internet branded slot games. The very first slot games it produced were based on Marvel branded super hero games.

Progressive Jackpots Cowboys And Aliens

It wasn’t long before Playtech added Rocky and Pink Panther in agreement with MGM and Kong in agreement with Universal Studios. Its latest agreement is with Platinum Studios, Inc. Platinum Studios holds the rights for more than 5,000 comic book characters, it adapts, produces and licenses for various media forms. Its latest product is currently the New York Times best-selling graphic novel “Cowboys & Aliens”.

Cowboys & Aliens is about an alien invasion in the 19 century. Scott Mitchell Rosenberg created this graphic novel in 2006. The program’s storyline centres on an amnesiac fugitive, an affluent cattleman and a mysterious female who join forces to save a group of townspeople that have been abducted by aliens. Forming part of a multi-year licensing deal, the Cowboys & Aliens internet slot will be launched in the summer of 2012. This new slot game will be released at various internet casinos across the globe.

This is not Platinum Studios’ first licensing agreement for Cowboys & Aliens; it already licensed the Cowboys & Aliens film rights to DreamWorks. So far this movie grossed more than $170 million worldwide, this excludes DVD, television and various other mediums. The cast of the film stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, and Jon Favreau is the director. Favreau also directed Marvel Movies Iron Man and Iron Man 2 both these internet slot games could now be played at all Playtech casinos. Cowboys & Aliens will soon be released on Blu-ray, DVD and other formats.

Rosenberg who is also Platinum Studios’ CEO and creator of Cowboys & Aliens, said, “Gaming is a whole new playing field for us, and perfectly follows Cowboys & Aliens’ success at the box office. I’m looking forward to people playing Cowboys & Aliens slots from their living room!”

Sagi Harari Playtech’s Head of Content said that to have converted Cowboys & Aliens to an internet slot game was a walk in the park mainly because it is visually so impressive. He pointed out that the comic book complemented its present Playtech branded games assortment. Harari concluded that, “Powerful branded games are in high demand, and fans as well as casino-game players will be thrilled to experience our new offering.”



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