Problem Gambling Rises Among Ontario Students

Ontario’s students are to become a case study for The Responsible Gambling Council; since a large proportion of this group have gambling related problems.

Students in Ontario have been gambling like crazy be it at internet casinos, lottery, horse betting and to top it all it’s getting more and more difficult for some of them to kick the habit. A recent gambling survey done by a New York University group revealed that approximately 30,000 students in Ontario are compulsive gamblers! In turn this has not only impacted on their studies but on their health as well.

A new production program called 82% is based on general poker strategy; it has been established specifically to aid problem gamblers.  Rick Simm, who is an actor in the program, acknowledged that there are various elements of risks involved and they want to equip students with an awareness and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls that are generally associated with gambling.

Kevin Chau who’s a student agreed that gambling has a darker side to it and that some students experience a semi state of depression in the event they start losing large amounts of cash.”

He’s happy to see that the production is finally getting the message to students, “They must think twice before they act and rather focus on the important things in life as opposed on the negative.”

Student Kody Szymanski concluded, “Gambling is by far a larger issue and most people underestimate the impact it really has, I really didn’t realise that students of my age had some serious issues with it, I always thought adults were the one who experienced problem gambling.”

The Responsible Gambling Council has taken a very aggressive stance toward problem gambling in general amongst students and it hopes that students will notify them of other students who are compulsive gamblers.

A lot of students have decided to join forces and talk to their friends who are gambling addicts.  They know the underlying risks associated with.”

Individuals who have a severe gambling problem, must seek help by contacting the following institution, the service is free:  St. Mary’s Counselling Service at 519-745-2585 or the 24-hour Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-888-230-3505.



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