Quick Tender Experiencing Problems?

Quick tender facing difficulties with its operations in the US
Quicktender in the US Facing Difficulties

One of the premier e-Wallets solutions to online casinos is Quick Tender. Its head office is based in Europe and it offers payment solutions to internet casinos from across the globe including the United States of America.

Lately Quick Tender received numerous complaints from operators and players based in the US that their payments are taking longer than it’s supposed to. Quick Tender found this rather odd, since the funds had been paid in time from their European bank accounts.

Quick Tender immediately launched an investigation into this matter and explained the root of the problem by means of a public statement. The statement kicks off saying that Quick Tender has for many years provided dependable and well-organized service to thousands of internet casinos. In addition it also said that excellent service could become void the moment the “U.S administration’s intervenes”. U.S federal enforcement agencies are clamping down on payment processors in the United States and freezed many bank accounts. One can only think of the three leading U.S internet poker sites that were directly targeted and compelled to shut down.

The Quick Tender statement also states that within the last two weeks it initiated withdrawals by their account holders to recipient bank accounts in the United States. Quick Tender confirmed once again that the cash left their European bank account. From the looks of things the cash accumulated in the Quick Tender’s banker’s correspondent banking partners’ accounts in the U.S and have been frozen. Quick Tender now strongly believes that these funds might be seized by the U.S authorities.

Quick Tender guaranteed its customers that the funds of account holders are safe. As a result of the problems  experienced with its banking transactions in the United States, all future withdrawals have been suspended for the time being until its frozen cash has been released and the reason its account have been frozen by U.S authorities in the first place. The statement reads as follow, “Should Quick Tender continue transmitting bank wires into the U.S chances are good that these cash won’t reach their ultimate beneficiaries. In turn this will only exacerbate the problem.”

Quick Tender asked its customers to be patient for the time being as it’s seeking an explanation from the correspondent banks in the U.S where the funds are kept. The payments solutions provider is seriously looking into alternative methods as to how it can restart withdrawals in a secure and trustworthy manner ensuring that the funds reaches its clients. Quick Tender has a very large customer base in the United States and takes cognisance of the fact that the American government’s actions could seriously have a negative impact on the company’s vitality.



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