Moneybookers New Affiliate Program

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Moneybookers Offers a New Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs that work with online casinos are quite common nowadays. Members of affiliate programs earn commission on players referred to internet casinos they operate. Similarly there are also affiliate programs for payment solutions providers. If an affiliate manages to get a player to sign up with a payment solution, commissions will be earned on deposits made by a player.

One of the premier affiliate programs within the internet gambling industry is Guru Revenue. It has been certified by one of the best affiliate watchdog programs around. Guru Revenue operates its own internet gaming portal called Guru Play; it offers players an internet casino, a live dealer casino and an internet poker room. Moneybookers eWallet is a leading processing payments solution provider, it has been renamed Skrill, however it still uses the Moneybookers name.

In a joint press release, Guru Revenue and Moneybookers announced a partnership that offers affiliates a generous share of the revenue from every new Moneybookers player they sign up. Payment details were briefly outlined in the press release. For every new player that makes their first deposit using Moneybookers, affiliates will be receive up to 30 percent of the transaction fee. Subsequently they’ll still receive their regular affiliate commissions from this internet casino. The revenue share commission would be paid daily into affiliates’ Moneybookers account.

It’s a simple process to apply for the Guru Revenue Moneybookers Joint Affiliate Program. Current Guru Revenue affiliates must log into their accounts. New affiliates must first sign up with Guru Revenue. In turn they must also provide their Moneybookers Customer ID in the My Account section. Should affiliates not have a Moneybookers account they can register a free account at Moneybookers’ website.

The affiliate program equips affiliates with the necessary marketing tools to enable affiliates players to use Moneybookers as their deposit option of choice at Guru Play and other casino portals. When their referrals make deposits using Moneybookers at other e-commerce merchants like Skype affiliates will earn revenue share. Affiliates receive commissions also when they make deposits to internet casinos or merchants managed by Guru Revenue from their own Moneybookers accounts.



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