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US talks on internet gambling
Talks held on internet gambling in the US.

The annual East Gaming Conference in the state of New Jersey was announced in Atlantic City recently.

This event would be held at the Atlantic City Convention Centre. Spectrum Gaming Group is responsible for organizing the East Coast Gaming Congress.

Top of the list to be discussed at this conference is the legalization and regulation of internet gambling in the United States. In spite of U.S federal authorities clamping down hard on poker rooms, many Americans still feel that it should be legalized soon.

The US gaming is currently divided in two camps Those in favour of the legalization of it at federal level and those in favour of it at state level. However, experts believe that both the federal and the states governments will be implicated. The press release simply states, “It doesn’t matter which model is implemented, legalization of internet gambling still brings an array of legal, regulatory and operational questions.”

A panel discussion has been assembled at the East Coast Gaming Congress and titled “Internet Gambling: The Game Changer”. Global Gaming Business and Gene Johnson are the sponsors of this session; the moderator of this panel is senior associate for market research at Spectrum Gaming Group. Top internet gambling experts in the United States that will address the panel might shed some light as to where internet gambling is heading in the United States and its future. These gambling experts are Melanie Brenner, President of US Online Gaming Association; Richard “Skip” Bronson, Chairman of US Digital Gaming; Honourable John Burzichelli, New Jersey State Assembly and Jan Jones, Senior Vice President Communications/Government Relations of Caesars Entertainment.

A big event for the internet gaming industry in the U.S has always been the East Coast Gaming conference. In light of the budding uncertainty facing the cyber gaming world at the moment, the congress would be attended by top industry experts, more than 600 internet casinos, equipment manufacturers, regulators, lawyers, architects, analysts, public officials, investors and other gaming-related professionals.

The event is opened at the prestigious Pool at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Apart from talks being held on internet gambling issues, a number of land-based issues would be discussed as well. As it stands the economic future of brick-and-mortar casino casinos in Atlantic City looks bleak. Further information pertaining to the conference schedule could be found on East Coast Gaming Congress’ website.

This is no mere coincidence that the East Coast Gaming Congress is held in New Jersey, many proponents of internet gambling still firmly believe that the state of New Jersey will be the first jurisdiction in the U.S to properly regulate and legalize internet gambling. Unfortunately, the internet gambling bill has been vetoed by Governor Chris Christie last year without the bill even passing the state assembly and senate.



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