May Few Casino Game Releases?

Few casino game released in May
Speculation over why so few casino games were released in May.

In comparison to other months and the amount of new internet casino game releases one cannot help but wonder why the month of May has seen very few game releases from software companies. Hopefully this is not the beginning of the storm that looms on the horizon, if so we’ll find out soon enough.

Normally Microgaming leads the pack when it comes to the amount of new game releases every month. New games are introduced to the market either at the end of the first week or at the start of the second.

To add to the excitement new game releases for the following month are always announced before the old month is over. No announcements have been made in April and no releases in May. Microgaming has a well-founded reason for this since it has been running qualifiers for its mammoth tournament, Grand Slam of Slots II, it has not released any new casino games.

Cryptologic another premier gaming software provider has not released any new casino games for May either. To be honest this does not surprise us at all, since Cryptologic has not released any new games for the last 6 months. As it stands the company is experiencing some financial difficulties, maybe this is the reason why it has not released any new releases. Cryptologic’s revenue could be on the up again, since it announced the release of a new super hero slots, however a set date for the game’s release has not been announced yet.

On the other hand Vegas Technology released one new slot game every month for the last couple of months. More often than not the games go live at Vegas technology internet casinos in the third week of the month. Vegas Technology normally doesn’t skip a month.

Rival Gaming also did not release new casino games in May. But the months of March and April saw many new game releases. March saw the release of 4 additions to the new 3D series and April 3 new video slots. Maybe Rival gaming has decided to take the month off or it might release a new casino game within the next week or so.

WagerWorks always released at least one game per month; however it has skipped a month or two in the past. It introduced its highly popular slot game Star Trek to the casino industry in March 2011. Maybe something new might pop up soon? WagerWorks has become synonymous with quality rather than quantity, so whenever it releases a new casino game we’ll know it will be good.



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