State Of New Jersey To Legalize Online Gambling

Good news for online gamblers across the United States. A bill that permits gambling online in New Jersey has been approved by the Senate of New Jersey.  Gamblers from other states will not be permitted to wager at internet casinos situated within the New Jersey state, however this is a positive step and hopefully other U.S states would follow suit.

“Gaming analyst Steve Schwartz said, “It is imperative we take it one state at a time in the U.S where internet gambling is allowed. “It always begins with one state and boils over to another and it won’t be long before internet gamblers will be able to gamble across state borders at their own free will.”

The issue whether or not to legalize online gambling in New Jersey has taken a couple of months before a decision has been reached.  One of the key issues the bill will address when it comes to internet casino gambling is the technology used and how to properly implement it. Technology will enable local U.S citizens and foreigners alike to wager at the various internet casinos that will be on offer within the State of New Jersey.

Sport betting also tops the list for discussion and it might be introduced to the country’s second biggest gaming market. Senator Ray Lesniak is a serious campaigner when it comes to online wagering, has sued the state to gain New Jersey the freedom to proffer sports betting sites.  Lesniak, claims in his lawsuit that it’s unconstitutional to permit some states to have sports betting whilst others are not allowed.  He has instituted a referendum for the November election, where voters could vote to regulate sports betting irrespective of the federal ban.

The gambling bills that have been cleared on Monday are predominately the product of bi-partisan support. One bill that will permit casinos to open will have only 200 hotel rooms had been approved without any qualms, fortunately it has not been opposed by the Republicans regardless been put forward by a Democratic lawmaker.  As it stands, in order for a casino to be approved it must have at least 500 rooms.



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