William Hill Online Purchased The Tote

There’s a distinct possibility that William Hill might purchase UK state-owned betting firm the Tote, irrespective of competition that might boycott the buy.

The bookmaker wants to broaden its horizons in the UK after making its press release statement, announcing that it expressed interest in buying the Tote and its main competitors Paddy Power and Ladbrokes has also indicated interest in the potential acquisition.  William Hill Online also boasts a very lucrative campaign.

Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt commented the previous week, “expressed that the UK government is not interested in part in keeping the Tote as a segment of the public sector”. Presently board members of the Tote are appointed by the government.

Chief Executive of William Hill, Ralph Topping, commented: “We must ensure that this acquisition is an “open market” sale we believe that the Office of Fair Trading needs investigate alternative routes pertaining to age old competition which sees the market in terms of betting shops – and that the real market potential is globally in terms of internet and betting transactions.

“He also said that they would express their disappointment in the event the “open market” sale would be constrained with any onerous preconditions which could impact on the sale value of the Tote.

“Those who are of the opinion that age old competition is over since the beginning of this century are mislead and we propose they Google the word “betting” and take note to the fact that the global market is just one click away and on our own doorstep.”

William Hill Online entered the Austrian market in a bid to exploit the country’s rich sports betting industry, which has a financial market value estimated to be worth €110m per annum.  The new site will focus predominately on Austrian football and spearheading its new advertising campaign is none other than famed British actor Sir John Cleese, making use of the famous punch line ‘Wetten wie die Briten’ or ‘Bet like the British’.

Chief Executive of William Hill online, Henry Birch, mentioned at the launch, “Sports and betting is part of the average Austrian’s genetical make-up and we’ll make millions out of them, this will be an unmatched betting and gaming service featuring on our new Austrian site.”



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