Mobile Gaming Market Generates Billions Of Dollars

Most internet casinos are targeting the online mobile or cell phone market aggressively nowadays and regard it as an untapped market that holds massive potential in revenue. In 2005 Jupiter Research indicated that the mobile gaming market revenues could sky rocket to up to $20bn within the next couple of years. 

Unfortunately, the mobile gaming industry has not yet been exploited effectively to date by most intent gaming companies. However, the mobile gaming industry has it set of headaches and it offers clients limited handsets and requests its users to log in and out of various portals to gain access to a variety of services. A player’s experience is further handicapped by the lack of professional customer service in both gaming and sportsbook arenas. 

This in turn has a negatively impact on a player’s experience and hampers market development in one of the most important revenue generating segments. In addition, the majority of mobile gambling solutions offer the same technology across the board, in other words leaving very little room for diversity between services. 

In order to progress; companies that offer mobile gambling as a service must start thinking out the box. They must deliver a single portal that will allow customers to access all services in one place, with a single account and one password. It’s imperative that more time and effort should be placed on customer service and on sports news feeds; this will enable a mobile destination for customers to further differentiate the service and increase loyalty.

A single portal type model has a distinct advantage in the sense it could transform the user experience/interface and will equip organisations a glimpse with regard to the behaviour of the mobile customer. This aspect is very important. In contrast internet personalisation methods are fast transforming the customer experience and enables internet casinos access to markets that weren’t exploited in the past in stark comparison to this, is the mobile gaming market and the latter’s does not offer its clients any personalisation at all. 

One of the greatest advantages of personalisation is it offers gambling companies the opportunity to derive more revenue from current companies. By means of keeping tabs on betting and gaming habits, companies will be able to deliver personalised and relevant offers pertaining to news odds on the upcoming cricket match. A customer will be able to prolong his/her wagering habits beyond the Premiership to the Champions League. It will provide a chance to introduce non-gamblers to football related poker games and offer players information odds in major events, like Wimbledon final or the rugby world cup final.   

The mobile market offers internet casinos and other egaming companies a unique opportunity to gain huge revenues on condition it’s properly exploited with the above mentioned factors borne in mind.



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