Campbell And Frank Support Barton Poker Bill

Congressmen John Campbell and Barney Frank have joined force with Barton for a new Poker Bill
New Poker Bill On the Table from Republican Joe Barton (Above), Texas.

Congressmen John Campbell and Barney Frank have joined forces to support a probable rival internet poker bill from Texas Republican Joe Barton.

Barton said he’s in the interim of finalising a bill drafted in consultation with lobby group the Poker Players Alliance (PPA). He aims to introduce this new Poker bill of which he is the chairman emeritus under the jurisdiction of the United States Energy and Commerce Committee.

Republican Campbell, who proposed his own federal bill in March with Democrat Frank as co-sponsor, supports Barton’s bill on condition he “moves first”, Campbell notified the Las Vegas Sun.

Frank notified the Nevada newspaper: “In the United States there is a lot of limitation on people’s freedom right now, therefore I’m pushing the bill with all the resources at my disposal, that said I don’t want to come out the other side empty handed.”

Campbell was straightforward and did not mince his words: “I’m co-sponsoring Barton’s bill, to be honest I hope he’ll co-sponsor mine. The moment his bill moves first, I’ll support him.”

Barton has been given the “yellow light” from Republican House leaders to go ahead with his bill. “By all means this is not a Republican leadership proposal, but they are aware of it. It is rather a sensitive issue; however it remains unclear if there’s a majority consensus in the House and Senate to effect a positive change.”

Pertaining to the legislation of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose American Gaming Association-authored poker got shot down in the Lame Duck session late last year, is still uncertain.

Nevada Reid’s home state aims to legalize and regulate intrastate internet poker, Governor Brian Sandoval who approved William Horne’s AB258 into law, approximately two months ago said he favours a federal solution as opposed to a state-by-state legislation.

In May an amended version of Horne’s poker only bill was passed at Assembly level, and it now awaits only federal approval before it could be implemented. This comes of the back of numerous unsuccessful intrastate bills, such as Miguel Diaz dela Portilla in Florida and Ray Lesniak in New Jersey, while a poker-only legislation bill was permitted in the District Columbia in April.



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