How to Play Slots

The higher the rate the better, every single slot machine has been pre-programmed to payout a certain percentage and every player has the right to know what this percentage is. Payout percentages of your top online casinos typically range from 85 to 98.8 percent. Nowadays most casinos’ payout percentages are posted on the websites’ of their home page.

It might sound harsh but there is no slots strategy that will make you a winner in the long run. Besides, most of us play slots for one of two reasons or both. We want to enjoy the entertainment value that it offers. Secondly we hope to hit a lucky streak to pay for an exotic holiday or even a big progressive jackpot that can change our lives forever.

Strictly speaking no slots strategy can guarantee you a win. We like playing slots not only for its entertainment value but you can win a fair amount of cash that will pay for an exotic holiday or even payoff the bond on our house or car. 

Playing slots is straightforward. The best advice we can give you is to familiarize yourself with the slot game beforehand. Ensure that it meets your requirements, has a high payout percentage and understand the payout schedule before depositing any coins or registering an account at the casino. The last thing you want to happen to you is when you hit a big combination only to get paid a lesser sum because you didn’t bet the right amount of coins.

Slots Strategy

We put together a short slots strategy guide/tips to help you lengthen your entertainment session. Once you’ve registered an account and you’re ready to play your favourite slots please keep the following in mind:

  • Understand the payout table and its requirements or any bonus rounds before placing a bet. Ten to one you’ve heard this many times before, don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose. If you’re tired don’t play. Also take frequent breaks while you are playing, we tend to make mistakes when we are tired and by taking breaks we can prolong our slots session. Divide your bankroll into various portions. If you have a long session in mind split your bankroll into equal parts.
  • If you’re planning to play for a very long session on a set bankroll, find a slot game that won’t penalize you for playing less than maximum coins and play one coin at a time. It’s more advantageous to play one coin on a $5 machine than three coins on a $2 machine.

Slot Strategy & Coin Denomination

The most important piece of information concerning denominations is the higher the stake, the higher the percentage payback. Let’s use a simple example: If the average payback from 25c machines is 87 per cent then:

From $1 slot games, it may be 92%
From $2 slot games, it may be 93%
From $5 slot games, it may be 94%
From $10 slot games, 95%
From $25 and $50 slot games, 96% and so forth. After all, the online casino would rather have 13 percent of 75c per maximum spin (about 10c) or 4 percent of $75 per maximum spin (about $3). You get the general idea.

Let us assume you are playing a slot machine without a progressive jackpot, it’s normally better for you to bet one coin on a higher-denomination slot machine than three coins on a lower-denomination one. Contact the customer support section of the site and find out whether you need to wager maximum coins for extra payouts and bonuses on a specific slot machine. Stick to slots that are easy to understand without the added bells and whistles.

This concludes our slots strategy guide. By following these simple guidelines you should be able to extend your slots budget and increase your chances of winning.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

It’s a jackpot that increases as a result of a percentage of each bet. Progressive jackpots offer the highest jackpot than any other casino game. Why? This is because a progressive jackpot is linked, players playing the same slot machine are beefing up the jackpot causing the its total to increase very rapidly.

A number of progressive jackpot slots are available at more than one internet casino. Evidently it means that many players will be playing the same slot machine, for this reason bigger and faster growing jackpots could be won. Now and then a lot of different slot games all contribute and qualify for the same progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot slots fall into the following categories: Classic Slots, 5 Reel Slots, Bonus Games, Multi Pay Line and Multi Spin. They are well-liked by players because the sight of the jackpot total increasing all the time is very exciting. In this section, we will deal only with machines that either carry independent Progressive Jackpots. They are normally displayed on an LED screen at the top of the machine and progressives linked across a bank or carousel. In these machines, the progressive Jackpot is only paid out when the maximum amount of coins are inserted. If a player wants to win the jackpot he or she must wager the maximum amount of coins.

It stands to reason that the bigger the progressive jackpot, the fewer smaller amounts you’re likely to win which tends to encourage a strategy of all-or-nothing. Either you lose everything or you will hit the jackpot and leave the casino a rich man or woman.

The following question is regularly asked by slot players who play progressives: “What does it mean if a progressive jackpot is close to the base amount? It means that there was a recent win and the next win is not likely to take place for some time.” The first part of the sentence is correct. If you see a progressive jackpot close to its reset level (assuming of course that you know the reset level) then it has indeed paid the out recently. However, this in no way affects the probability of the jackpot being won again, on the next spin, or in three years time.

No wonder there are so many disappointed slots players. Not only are slots among the worst bets at the casino but slot players are lulled into thinking that after the jackpot there won’t be another one hit for a long time. This is not true!