Make A Difference Not A Deal

Adding value to your customers or visitors is an important aspect to the running of a profitable business.

If your presence does not add value to your clients, chances are your absence will have no impact either.

”This Is The Part Where You Pretend To Add Value”. That’s the irreverent title Scott Adams gave to a Dilbert collection exploring his familiar theme of sloth and indifference in the workplace.

‘Adding value’ is a buzz phrase, but what does it really mean? Many portal casino webmasters have no idea how to articulate value to their players. According to recent research by Forrester, executive buyers believe only 8% of the sales people they meet are focused on adding value to their business. Yet it’s often cited as a key differentiator.

Define Value On The Customers Terms

One webmaster who is proving that customer value is more than just a cliché is ThePogg. This portal casino not only blows the whistle on operators that run on bogus software but solves player complaints and offers a holistic approach to online gambling in general. I guess it all boils down to ”intent”. We are in a very competitive market, which means that everything we do is about our commitment to creating real value for the customer and to packaging your offering around that. ThePogg has built his business model on the concept of customer value, with a focus on think strategically and selling tactically.

How To Assess Customer Needs

If you want to take your business to the next level, you must talk to your customers so that you can align their needs with your own. At the end of the day it’s not only about financial benefits. If you can offer your players the best deals and save them some cash, they’ll be more than happy to stay with you. You must sell a service and not a box. What helps us to retain our players is that we continue to analyse new player trends and changing requirements.

One of the fundamental aspects that most portal casino owners tend to overlook, they must get inside their customer’s head. Stand in your player’s shoes to deepen your understanding of what they need and be prepared to learn with them. Are they looking for exclusive deals such as bonuses with lower play-through, cash back on losses and free spins without any bonus wagering.

Assessing and evaluating your customers needs is vital to aking your business forward to the next level.

Adding Value

The principle of ‘adding value’ to your players is never unpacked. If you’re just focused on signing up as many players as possible within a short period of time, just remember that money does not have long-term benefits. Neither does it offer a sustainable competitive advantage. Adding value to a customer is a mindset, rather than a sales pitch.

It appears that ThePogg understands this notion and has embedded this conviction through his sales team. Adding value takes on various forms. Not all of these are articulate or measurable. However, as long as the company keeps on listening and remains focused on providing value, the customer will feel valued.

Are You Dropping The Ball?

Most portal casinos fail within the first two years. The mistake most webmasters make is that it’s a marathon instead of a sprint. Building a proper website is a tedious and laborious process. I like to see it as slow and steady wins the race. So, what are the ingredients for a successful site? Most folk will tell you a visually appealing site in conjunction with great content is a must. To be honest it’s a great start but not a guarantee to a successful one. Aside from the ones I’ve just mentioned there’s a myriad of other factors as well. Adding quality content, operating within Google’s quality guidelines, proper link building strategies is a given. I’m going to mention some other important factors that site owners tend to overlook:

1.Reply to emails and calls

Many affiliates come across as lazy and unresponsive. I’ve lost track, and a few years I’m sure, waiting for people to get back to me when I’ve sent them an interview proposal or query. Especially those web forms that are so popular these days. As the owner of a portal casino, you should grab every lead with both hands. Keep in mind today’s acorn might be tomorrow’s oak tree.

2. Follow up

You’ve sent out a proposal to join a new affiliate program and haven’t heard from them to date. You believe your site looks a million dollars and it has the traffic to go with it. The ball is now in their court. If you don’t hear from the program again, it’s because they weren’t serious about your business in the first place. Wrong! The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the most oil. Always follow up your proposal and don’t let those fish get away.

3. Don’t force loyalty

If you manage to sign up a bunch of players, don’t take it for granted. The hard work just only started. Remember, there’s power in giving in order to receive. Have a magnanimous view instead of a small-minded one and your business will grow accordingly. One of the things I like about top portal casino, is that the site offers $5 for every casino review. It goes without saying that it ties in nicely to what I’ve just said.

Expecting loyalty is not a reality, hard work and customer satisfaction is required for loyal customers.


Finally, empower your customers. Actively encourage feedback from them and follow through on improvement suggestions. To build a successful company requires a lot of introspection. Are you delivering the type of service that benefits your players and not just slapping mediocre content onto your site to solicit a sign up?

Back in the day, alarm clocks did not have snooze buttons. Nowadays, however, procrastination is just a snooze button away. And for business owners, hitting the snooze button and delaying a business decision, could mean missing out on the next big opportunity. We say: don’t snooze.



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