Video Poker: How To Determine Your Risk Tolerance

determining your risk versus your reward when playing video poker.

When gambling online, video poker is hands down my favorite casino game. It involves a certain element of risk and one of the few games where a skilled player can beat the house consistently.

In this article I’m going to tell you how to determine your risk tolerance when playing video poker online since it takes into account the amount of cash you’ve spent and winning. Risk stems from the Latin word riscare which means to dare. So, what exactly is risk tolerance? In layman’s terms it describes how much money you are prepared to lose before you start panicking.

Most people normally consult a financial consultant before they purchase shares or before they invest into a project. This person guides you by pointing out the risk/s and the possible return on your investment. Nowhere is this concept better illustrated than on the casino floor. To become a successful video …

US Open Tennis: Glory Winks For Kevin Anderson

The US Tennis Open

It seems like Kevin Anderson’s work with a sport psychiatrist is finally bearing fruit. Recently he defeated world number three, Andy Murray in the fourth round of the U.S Open.

The South African tennis player (number 14th seed) finally reached his first quarter final in a grand slam after an epic struggle of 7-6 (7/5), 6-3, 6-7 (2/), 7-6 (7/0). In his previous six encounters with Murray, he only managed to beat him once. After the match, Anderson told that he made several adjustments to his game. The fact that his working with a sport psychiatrist gave him that ‘mental edge’ over Murray.

Anderson said that he found him in similar situations in the past but could never progress beyond the 4th round in a slam. He said that he feels mentally stronger and can now hold his own against the world’s top tennis players.

“It goes way back …

How Changing Environment Impacts Online Casinos

The world's business environment nchanged drastically after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

In this article I’m going to discuss environmental change and the impact it can have on a cyber casino. Business organisations and society, or more to the point, the environment in which they operate depend on each other.

This mutual dependence entails a complex relationship between the two. This relationship increases in complexity when certain variables such as technological innvovation, economic or political events comes into play. The 1970s were characterised by oil price and energy shocks. The 1980s experienced a shift from local to global business, and fierce competition from Japan and other Asian countries. And in the 1990s, new ways of communication from fax machines to the Internet, revolutionised the ways in which a business operated.

During the latter part of the 1990s Western countries enjoyed the longest ever economic boom. Sadly, this era ended abruptly on 11 September 2001 with the terrorist attack on the World Trade …

5 Traits Of A Successful Online Casino Entrepreneur

Casino portal webmaster

Some portal casino webmasters can exploit certain opportunities better than others. Skills and the quest for independence are among the most important reasons for people becoming entrepreneurs.

Other reasons include events such as job termination, job dissatisfaction or an unexpected opportunity. By examining what motivates people to become entrepreneurs, more people might be motivated to establish their own businesses.

Psychological Variables That Distinguish Gambling Webmasters 1. Achievement motivation

The most researched and possibly the most important trait of an entrepreneur is achievement motivation. In pioneer studies done by McClelland, Murray and Gould, entrepreneurs are described as people with a higher need to succeed than people who are not entrepreneurs.

Achievement motivation is characterized by actions of intense, prolonged and repeated effort to accomplish something difficult. Just think of how competitive the cyber gaming industry is. It stands to reason that webmasters who promote online casinos work towards his or her …

Make A Difference Not A Deal

Adding value to your customers or visitors is an important aspect to the running of a profitable business.

If your presence does not add value to your clients, chances are your absence will have no impact either.

”This Is The Part Where You Pretend To Add Value”. That’s the irreverent title Scott Adams gave to a Dilbert collection exploring his familiar theme of sloth and indifference in the workplace.

‘Adding value’ is a buzz phrase, but what does it really mean? Many portal casino webmasters have no idea how to articulate value to their players. According to recent research by Forrester, executive buyers believe only 8% of the sales people they meet are focused on adding value to their business. Yet it’s often cited as a key differentiator.

Define Value On The Customers Terms

One webmaster who is proving that customer value is more than just a cliché is ThePogg. This portal casino not only blows the whistle on operators that run on bogus software but solves player …

Why South Africa Must Regulate Cyber Gambling

Entrepreneurs are the movers and shakers of a volatile and lucrative industry of Cyber Gambling

In this article I’m going to examine entrepreneurship as the driving force behind cyber gambling. Basically it is the entrepreneur who decides what, how, by whom and for whom products and services should be produced to satisfy the needs of society.

In order to understand how the business satisfies the needs of a nation in a market economy, one needs to understand the dynamics behind the business organization, namely the entrepreneur. The four main factors of production are natural resources (land), human resources (labor), financial resources (capital) and entrepreneurship.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

When it comes to defining an entrepreneur there is no hard-and-fast rule nor is there a formal classification. More ever, scientists have different views on who or what exactly an entrepreneur is.

Economists subscribe to the view that entrepreneurs combine different resources in specific combinations to generate products and services at a profit. To them, entrepreneurs are people …

Can Online Casinos Boost A Country’s Economy?

Regulated online gambling can create a good source of income for a country.

The Internet is often described as an egalitarian Utopia in a raging sea of capitalism. For those of you who are not Keynesian economists, that’s a ‘highfalutin’ way of saying, ”The Internet makes all men equal in the Free Market.’

Almost overnight it has created a new breed of entrepreneurial millionaire and has made some former millionaires broke and obsolete. It’s a means to an end (a la Machiavelli). It levels the playing field of global capitalism, giving potential entrepreneurs more power and creative opportunity. Wealth is not a prerequisite (nor a guarantee) for success on the Web. The Internet respects only drive, dreams and the power of an idea.

The business world is made up of a complex system of individuals and business organizations. It involves the activity of transforming resources into products and services in order to meet the needs of people. Business activity involves human activities since …

Google’s New CEO: Mr Nice Finishes First, search engine.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s new CEO was a quiet boy from a humble Indian home who dreamed big. Now he is at the helm of the world’s biggest search engine. In this article I’m going to shed some light on his meteoric rise to fame.

When he was offered a scholarship to do his PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at prestigious Stanford University, his parents took $1,000 from their savings to pay for his plane ticket to the United States. It was more money than his father made in a year. Luckily this decision has paid off handsomely since then.

Two decades later, their son has been handed the key to the castle of the world’s best-known tech company. It offers products used by almost everyone, among them Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Android software and Google Maps. And now, at 43, Sundar Pinchai is rumored to be worth $160 million. He took over …

Must Read:How To Optimize Your Mobile Gambling Site

More and more people are using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to connect to the internet which makes a mobile responsive site very important.

To rank higher in the search engines I’m going to tell you how to optimize your mobile gambling site. 

”My theory is that in the age of the Internet, it’s what you write, not where you write that matters.” Dan Lyons

One of the first things you need do is to see if Google already indexed it. If it returns an unfavorable result, check the following:

If your site is fresh out the blocks, submit a mobile sitemap to Google to notify it of your site’s existence. It’s important that the search engines crawl your site for indexing. Your URL (site’s address) must be recognizable by the search engines. Each web page of your site has its own unique URL. The keywords you’re targeting must be in the URL and they must not contain any numbers or characters. Have you ever visited a web page and the URL looked something …

Online Gambling: When To Exit The Industry?

In the movie Back to the Future, do you remember the eccentric professor and his young companion that traveled back in time to an earlier period? In this article I’m going to undertake a similar process, without the aid of a time vehicle of course.

As you begin to experience your entrepreneurial life, I want you to take a step back and think about the future. Does it sound complicated? No, it’s not. By looking at the future it allows you to gain a broader perspective and avoid excessive preoccupation with the present. This is a very important step, especially if you’re still a fledgling casino affiliate or online casino owner.

As your egambling website navigates its way across the Web it will experience a myriad of financial, marketing, the impact of Google’s algorithm updates and management issues. If you want to run a successful business online you must distinguish …